1940S Stock Video Footage

Old Film Effect 4K. Retro film video footage, ideal for overlay Old Film Effect Dust Overlay Old Film Effect Dust, Noise, Scratch 3 Overlays Old Film Effect Scratch, Dust, Noise Overlay CIRCA 1940s - Soldiers in WWII keep rifles clean by falling correctly. Side view of audience in balcony fervently applauding, 1940s CIRCA 1940s - Newsreel footage of boxing matches by and for members of the American military during World War II CIRCA 1940 - German soldiers march through the wreckage of a French city. Hitler looks over a map with Nazi officials. CIRCA 1940s - Women work in factories and as fire fighters during World War II in America CIRCA 1940s - Okinawa plays a significant role in the war for the Pacific in World War Two. A retro, old-fashioned Wizard of Oz-style The End movie or film end title page. Includes three distressed film options plus normal, clean version.	Overlay on frame imitation of old movie with scratches and grain on black background HD 1920x1080 Old Distorted Damaged Film Strip Vintage Footage with dust and scratches, 16mm real CIRCA 1940s - Radar technology was a secret held by the US during World War II 1940s: UNITED STATES: Cash register drawer opens. Shoes and handbags for sale in store. Hands deposit money at bank. Arrow factory sign CIRCA 1940s - The Normandy landings are shown during D-Day in World War 2. CIRCA 1940s - Footage of the first successful airplane flight by the Wright Brother in 1903, Kittyhawk, North Carolina Old Film Effect Dust Overlay CIRCA 1940s - Paratroopers leap from planes during World War Two and the Korean War. CIRCA 1940s - Nazi warplanes drop bombs and dogfight with Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire fighter planes above London. CIRCA 1940s - An American railroad worker is compared to a Chinese coolie delivering kerosene with a carrying pole, in a cartoon, in 1949.
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