1943 Stock Video Footage

CIRCA 1943 - Adolf Hitler is driven in a military parade and warplanes and tanks are shown in Nazi Germany. CIRCA 1943 - Adolf Hitler appeals to Germans in Czechoslovakia and internationally that they are part of the higher German race. CIRCA 1943 - The US Army Air Force bombs a Japanese base. CIRCA 1943 - Allied aircrafts land and taxi on Bougainville Island. CIRCA 2010s - Galapagos penguins swim towards the camera underwater. CIRCA 1940s - Nazi warplanes drop bombs and dogfight with Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire fighter planes above London. CIRCA 1943 - FDR visits Morocco for high level meetings with Allied strategists in World War Two. Good footage of Winston Churchill. CIRCA 1940s - Allied troops engage Axis forces in the snow, firing artillery, flying warplanes, warring and filling a graveyard, in Stalingrad, during World War 2, in 1943. CIRCA 1941 - The Russian army draws Nazis out of their tanks by turning bombed cities into strongholds (narrated in 1943). CIRCA 1943 - Adolf Hitler meets with Nazi officials on a train to strategize and, later, he sees a ship off during World War 2. CIRCA 1943 - Italian sailors look through the periscope on their submarine. They crest in time to see an Allied merchant ship sinking. 1940s: A U-boat breaks water and sails on the surface with the Nazi flag waving in the ocean in 1943. CIRCA 1940s - The Nazi 21st Panzer Division battles with the Allied 9th and 34th Units, in Tunisia, during World War II, in 1943. 1940s - Images of General Motors plants turning out aircraft, machine guns and other wartime fodder in 1943 CIRCA 1943 - Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses drop bombs on harbor installations in Wilhelmshaven, Germany and aerial combat ensues during World War 2. Russia, Moscow - 14 July 2017: Full shopping trolleys in IKEA store. IKEA was founded in of Sweden in 1943, IKEA to have large chain stores around the world. CIRCA 1940s - Paratroopers parachute into combat, throw a grenade, fire artillery, shoot rifles and run, during the British North African Campaign, in World War 2, in 1943. CIRCA 1943 - The Russian Army closes off the eastern border of Poland, and France and Britain declare war on Germany, in the fall of 1939. CIRCA 1943 - After heavy bombardment from the Nazi German Army, Warsaw surrenders to Hitler. CIRCA 1941 - Russian men, women, and children of all ages contribute to the war effort in myriad ways (narrated in 1943). CIRCA 1943 - FDR visits Morocco for high level meetings with Allied strategists in World War Two. Good footage of French general Henri Giraud.
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