1950S Stock Video Footage

1950s: Family gathered around the TV set in a living room. Hurricane special bulletin plays on TV. Weather man announces hurricane. CIRCA 1950 - Steel sheets are packaged and delivered to another factory, where they are cut and molded into saucepans. Audience applauding in theater as spotlight pans from left to right , 1950s CUBA, - NOVEMBER 20:
Repair works with the engine of an old american car. 
November 20, 2016 in Havana, Cuba A retro, old-fashioned Wizard of Oz-style The End movie or film end title page. Includes three distressed film options plus normal, clean version.	16mm and 35mm film leader. Old film effect with detailed hair lines, scratches and grain. Cold colors. 3 videos in 1 file. Countdown. Ready to compose using modes. More options in my portfolio. Old Distorted Damaged Film Strip Vintage Footage with dust and scratches, 16mm real 1950s - Great footage of switchboard operators at work at the phone company in 1950. 1950s: Family sits in front of TV. Radio receiver. Row of classic cars in traffic during the sunset glow in Havana CIRCA 1960s - Marilyn Monroe dies at age 36 in August, 1962 after leading a glamorous and tumultuous life. An airplane takes off. The pilots communicate with their base constantly in the 1950s. (1950s) Airplanes flying through the sky will insure Britain's aviation future in the 1950s. (1950s) CIRCA 1950s - An overview of the 1920's biggest celebrities includes Eugene Debbs, Al Capone and Amy Semple McPherson amongst many others. Theoretical physicists of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein, and J. Robert Oppenheimer continue to explore the relationship of time and space in the 1950s. (1950s) Countdown Leader vintage countdown 10 - 0. 4K Countdown Leader Graphic. Old film effect with detailed lines, scratches and grain glitch CIRCA 1950s - A family sits down and eats at a dinner table in a dining room in a home. CIRCA 1950s - Atomic bomb blast on Bikini Atoll in 1946. UNITED STATES 1950s : Scientists work with glass beakers, test tubes, and Bunsen burners in laboratory.
1950s: Man straps into glider, runs along field, falls down. Man pedals aircraft down ramp, lands on ground. Man pedals rocket bike, falls down, bike explodes. Man runs down lane with large wings. CIRCA 1950s - Scenes from a 1950s era stop motion and live action film of Alice and Wonderland.
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