4K Driving Green City Stock Video Footage

Charging station on a city street 4k - Advertising billboard green screen on sidelines of expressway with traffic at evening, time lapse. 4k Traffic Speed Driving time lapse footage for different projects and events!!! AERIAL pursuit, chase, chasing shoot view : silver white car driving down an asphalt road crossing the vast forest on a winter day. drive through the idyllic woods in picturesque. Green Forest in snow 4K Asian pedestrian crosswalk sign Tokyo city traffic change from green to red color, light illuminated with blue sky in a beautiful day. Cross road intersection street Japan. Asia downtown-Dan 4K of Advertising billboard, green screen, at sunset near expressway. time lapse. Electric car at charging station in the city street. Eco energy, transport and power supply. Environmentally conscious transportation vehicle plugged in charger terminal. 4K. Aerial view, top down view of traffic jam on a car bridge. 4K video Cape Town Flying Over Chapman's Peak Drive and the Ocean - 4K Drone Footage 4k drone flying between green trees above cars driving by the road in Miami downtown direction on sunny day. Aerial cityscape view. Beautiful background for transportation business, Miami Florida USA 4K TIME LAPSE VIDEO. Advertising Billboard with green screen with long exposure cars in city, against backgrounds buildings with balconies, windows and signs shops 2018-09-05 | Singapore | 4K Timelapse Sequence of Singapore - The Downtown outdoor food court at Night (front view) Cinematic aerial overhead view of modern coastal city in sunrise. Cars driving by Pacific highway in early morning. Drone flying over roads and green park with palm trees and trails in first sunlight 4K Roundabout in Norway Aerial Drone Perspective With Traffic, Twist Left Traffic light turns from red to green loop
Los angeles famous rodeo drive luxury cars traffic panorama 4k usa Riding an electric scooter to work by a young businessman over a green screen, Toronto, Canada - June 13, 2018 - Empty suburban city street with fresh green tress surrounded by modern residential buildings and street lamps Traffic light turns red to green to signal pedestrians and bicyclists to go Close up urban city traffic light changing to green from red signal cars to proceed across intersection. Safety for drivers and pedestrians in crosswalk. New York City. Cyclist Point Of View, Pov view of the biking in the city park green area.
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