Abraham Lincoln Stock Video Footage

Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC,United States Government -  tracking shot with sun lens flare  between the bottom of the pillars. Statue of Abraham Lincoln at Lincoln Memorial Washington DC Monument and the US Capitol Building across the reflecting pool from the Lincoln Memorial on The National Mall USA Lincoln memorial time lapse WASHINGTON DC - CIRCA 1990s - 1990s - Beautiful aerial over the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. with Washington Monument background. Abraham Lincoln 
Memorial Monument Statue reveal, Washington DC, National Mall. Tilting shot of the Abraham Lincoln statue inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC Portrait 16th President of the United States Abraham Lincoln on The USA Five Dollar bill Tracking shot of The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 2016: Dolly shot of Abraham Lincoln statue inside Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC, USA Statue of Abraham Lincoln at Lincoln Memorial Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota, USA - granite sculpture Mount Rushmore with moving clouds, sunlight and shadows - Timelapse without motion WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 2016: Panoramic hyperlapse shot of the Lincoln Memorial and crowds of tourists around in Washington, DC, USA 4K UHD Time lapse day to night of Abraham Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. United states. Tourist attraction, us tourism, or American city lifestlye concept. Landmark and historical for travel. Monument to Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address in Gettysburg National Cemetery Lincoln Memorial at Night, Washington D.C. VIRGINIA - 2016. Re-enactment recreation of 1700-1800s Southern American Slavery, slave era. Enslaved African-American. In Chains, bondage.  Laboring in bondage. tattered clothing, Field slave. Falling Dollar banknotes and coins loopable with alpha matte. 0ne hundred dollar bills, quarters and pennies falling from top over black background. Video is Seamlessly Loopable Abraham Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC National Mall, handheld. Timelapse of people visiting the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
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