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Airplane flight. Wing of an airplane flying above the clouds with sunset sky. View from the window of the plane. Airplane, Aircraft. Traveling by air. 4K UHD video Girl standing at the window in airport terminal. Airplane flight. Wing of an airplane flying above the clouds with sunset sky. View from the window of the plane. Aircraft. Traveling by air. 4K UHD video Plane flying over head, landing at airport at sunset or sunrise Aircraft Maintenance Worker and Engineer having Conversation. Holding Tablet. Shot on UHD 4K Camera. Skydiving tandem group Quadcopter delivers a package against an office building, seamless looping 3d animation, 4K 03014 Animation of an offshore oil platform. Fly-through shot. Large passenger airplane taking off against beautiful sunset Happy and carefree childhood. Children playing with older kite, running across the sand, laughing Concept of: Visualization Of Futuristic Airplane Engine Maintenance Conducted by Engineer Holding Tablet Computer. Animation of Digitalization of Analytics Checking Optimal Functioning of the Plane. Asian, European and North American Flight Connections. Global Communications. World Airplane Flight Travel Plans. Airports Departures and Arrivals. The HiRes Texture of City Lights. City Names. Airplane takes off at dawn. Aircraft takes off at sunset. Long shot Aerial view of sunrise through airliner window Zoom out time lapse cargo aircraft loading with sunset sky View on airplane wheel at landing, close up shot CLOSE UP: UAV aerial drone delivery. Multicopter flying with first aid medicine package. Person' arms receiving first aid SOS delivery drone from sky. Medical air shipment by first responder drone Aircraft maintenance mechanic uses tablet to inspect plane body in a hangar. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD). GENEVA, SEPTEMBER 2018 : « British Airways » Airplane impressive take off / landing flying overhead at dusk, 4K DCI PRORES HQ CLOSE UP: UAV drone delivery. Multicopter flying big brown package into city. Drone delivering post package to your home. Futuristic shipment by helicopter drone. Multirotor logistics and transport. Caucasian happy mother, father, little daughter and son walking the airport hall and carrying their suitcases on the wheels before the departure to the vacation and laughing cheerfully
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