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NEW YORK, NY, USA - JUNE 21, 2019: Aerial approach The Newyorker and Empire State Building 4K Timelapse of modern industrial port with containers from top view or aerial view. It is an import and export cargo port where is a part of shipping dock. Singapore
Aerial view of sunrise through airliner window Aerial View. Flying in fog, fly in mist. Aerial camera shot. Flight above the clouds towards the sun. Misty weather, view from above. Birds point of view Aerial view of solar power station, Aerial Top View of Solar Farm with Sunlight, Renewable Energy, Aerial shot of Solar Power Station Plane flight above the clouds, sun glimpse over wing Aerial forward motion establishing footage Brickell Miami 4k 24p Flying Through Winter Clouds in Seamless Loop Helsinki Aerial, Finland Hiker looking at map from mountain top
Aerial shot of hiker looking at map from mountain top. Man reaches mountain top, looks at map for directions. Takeoff of modern passenger aircraft at the international airport. Front view from the cockpit trough windshield. First officer and co-pilot at work during departure the Telecommunication satellite over Asia, night view from space.. Cinema quality 3D animation. HD. The focus changes from earth to satelite and back through the clouds. Airplane accelerates over the runway - POV 4K Airplane flying through heavy thunderstorm clouds, lightning bolts strike ahead. Pilot's point of view, aircraft shaking in severe turbulence. Risk of accident, the hazards of flying in the storm Aerial view of beautiful beach with view of ocean waves and water crashing on to sandy shore from top angle. Faroe Islands beach with waves crashing to shore. No people, epic dramatic wild beach DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - SEPTEMBER 6, 2018: Boarding an Emirates Boeing 777 airliner from first person point of view Spaceship Cockpit in a Pilot Point of view on a Green Screen Background Farm machines harvesting corn in Autumn, breathtaking aerial view. Zurich, Switzerland - Jam 15, 2020: Airplane window view out of Swiss Airlines flight with Swiss Logo and wing. Point of view of traveller. Blue sky and horizon. Aerial view of a suburban neighborhood. Airplane taking off passing over head  at bologna airport,tracking shot,bologna airport 01/03/2013 17,45 italy
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