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The airport employee carries out passport control of passengers going on board the aircraft. She looks at the passport and stamp the ticket
Man holding a passport in his hand going close to big timetable schedule screen, looking information in the airport about arrivals and departures terminal gate to his destination Self-confident hot young blonde girl in an elegant pink jacket walks by the airport terminal and uses her cellphone, smiles happily to the text messages, looks around. Stylish outfit, modern woman. Smiling female security agent at an airport working at the check-in desk for boarding a flight handing back a passport and ticket or boarding pass to a male passenger. Four Female Friends in Bright Summer Clothing are Late for Their Plane. Beautiful Girls are Running inside the Airport with Documents, Tickets, and Large Suitcases in Hands. A beautiful blonde woman in a formal black outfit stands by the airport entrance, uses her cell phone, gets the text message, being surprised, smiles happily and looks around. Animated things quickly filling suitcase, bag leaving room, top view stop-motion. Summer cloth, photo camera and money are packed in baggage, summer trip, vacation adventure. Voyage recreation tour
SINGAPORE - FEB 23, 2016 : 4K Timelapse blur background of many passenger walking in front of check-in counter at Changi International Airport, Singapore Airport terminal people silhouette against morning sunrise out window. Walk through security gate area to wait for flight departure 4K stock video MONTENEGRO - PODGORICA 2012 - Passengers  waiting in line for buying tickets at the airport counter Gorgeous European businesswoman with formal hairstyle in a hurry passes the airport terminal, texts the message on her phone, looks around. Fashionable outfit. Business class, luxurious lifestyle. Big airplane landing in airport, back view, handheld shooting MOSCOW, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 16, 2015: Printing the boarding pass ticket at check-in. Little girl met her mother in airport with open arms Businessman showing his boarding pass at the check-in counter Passenger business man at the airport check in ticket at kiosk terminal
Airport timetable arrivals and departures board with changing flight information A beautiful young lady is happy that she is traveling to another country Female traveler waiting for departure and using her cellphone. Booking a flight trough a smartphone app. Travel woman using smartphone at airport. Young caucasian traveler checking boarding time with mobile phone app in terminal or train station. Business woman businesswoman Tourist on vacation
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