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Indian passenger showing e-ticket to flight attendant at boarding gate. Middle eastern businessman showing boarding pass on mobile phone to air hostess. Multiethnic business man showing eticket. Couple of afro american two teenage lovers go to airport terminal, carry suitcases with luggage, dance with baggage, enjoy travel. Mixed race brother and sister move joyfully, celebrate homecoming Asian traveler woman handing passport to airline staff at check in counter then the man received the ticket that issued from the female staff in airport terminal. Airplane transportation concept. Airport Terminal: Beautiful Smiling Woman Holds Ticket, Walks Through Big Airline Hub to the Gates Where Her Airplane Waits Her. Happy Caucasian Female is Ready for Her Flight to Vacation Destination YAROSLAVL, RUSSIA - DECEMBER 23, 2015:Close-up of passenger looking at plane tickets and passport. Tourist checking documents while waiting for flight. Concept of tourism, airport registration. People in medical masks from coronavirus wait in line to check in for a flight in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport , Thailand, Bangkok, 13 april 2020 Close up headshot woman in medical mask stand in front of the airline time schedule board at the airport terminal. travel during covid-19 pandemic, new normal lifestyle social distance, blue led screen Airport Terminal: Beautiful Smiling Black Woman Holds Ticket, Walks Through in Airline Hub to the Gates Where Airplane Waits. Happy African American Female is Ready for Flight to Vacation Destination Bangkok, Thailand - 27 Oct, 2022: Time-lapse of crowded traveler people at international airport check in counter. Air transportation, travel abroad holiday vacation, oversea tourism business concept Woman wear mask using self service check-in kiosk at the international airport terminal. Touchscreen and see information on screen. Scan passport to record personal data. New normal travel
Faceless woman giving her passport at the airport check-in counter. Asian woman traveler give passport to female officer at airline check in counter for issue airplane ticket boarding pass. Girl wear face mask to prevent from coronavirus pandemic. New normal lifestyle Passenger using smartphone scanning qr code on the ticket machine to check in for the flight at the airport terminal, less contact new normal technology, Screen scanner redeem ticket, online booking Passenger business man at the airport check in ticket at kiosk terminal
Asian female traveler wear face mask using airport automatic kiosk machine to check in for flight ticket, new technology for public transportation, online digital resources, self touch screen machine Eindhoven, Netherlands, January 30, 2022: POV SHOT - Man passing through the turnstiles at Eindhoven Airport Terminal, using his smart phone as pass. Automated ticket checking machine. Citizen try to return home. Traveller or tourist search for cancelled or delayed flight on information screen in airport. Vacation or summer holiday cancellation. Suspended flights to spain, barcelona Happy young African American family with two children go on vacation and walk around the airport with suitcases, preparing to board the plane. Passengers boarding the plane with boarding pass checked by flight attendants while welcoming at plane entrance. Concept of airline, business, transportation and multiracial stewardess on aircraft. A beautiful blonde woman in a formal black outfit stands by the airport entrance, uses her cell phone, gets the text message, being surprised, smiles happily and looks around. The airport employee carries out passport control of passengers going on board the aircraft. She looks at the passport and stamp the ticket
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