Alligator Stock Video Footage

Alligator (yacare) Alligator (yacaré) An alligator thrashes underwater and catches a fish. Alligator´s eye (super slow motion) American Alligator (Alligator Mississippiensis)  in southern swamp. A large male laying on a a log, slides into water and approaches boat. Yacare Eye Large alligator swimming in wetlands as its back rises out of water. Alligator in the Bayou 3. Wild American Alligator in a swamp in the Louisiana bayou. Alligator on land, snaps jaws at mid-air Alligator Hatchlings An amazing shot of an alligator swimming underwater. Slow motion approaching and eating alligator Alligators lurk along shore, open mouths wide Big Crocodile Eye macro Alligator attacking a large carp Crocodile skin Entangled alligator and python American Alligator turns his head towards the camera. CU. Alligator Crocodiles fight for a dead wildebeest.
Alligator Eggs Hatching
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