Ancient Stock Video Footage

Walk through empty streets of Hoi An ancient town at sunrise Gran Vía street in Madrid empty due to the state of alarm in Spain by COVID-19. Filmed on March 23, 2020. Stop motion animated paper texture background Antique clock dial close-up. Vintage pocket watch. Glitch noise static television VFX. Visual video effects stripes background, tv screen noise glitch effect. Video background, transition effect for video editing, intro and logo reveals with sound. Prehistoric caveman with tablet PC in cave Vintage TVs Turning On and Turning Off Green Screen. Ready to replace green screen with any footage or picture you want. You can do it with “Keying” (Chroma Key) effect in Adobe After Effects. Daily life in Milan, Italy during COVID-19 pandemic. Milano, Italian city and coronavirus outbreak. Aerial view of Piazza Duomo. Historic monument and religious building seen from drone flying in sky 80s Television with Green Screen. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want. You can do it with “Keying” (Chroma Key) effect in AE (check out tutorials on YouTube). Zoom In. Prehistoric caveman using laptop Parthenon aerial view of slide from drone on panorama of residential buildings of city of Athens, on main symbol of ancient Greece, Acropolis at sunrise. Lights sun. World Heritage sites Timelapse, books disappear from bookshelves, vintage style Milan, Italy - March 17, 2020: empty square in front of the cathedral. Chinese Covid Crown Virus 19. Quarantine. Pandemic. City of the desert. Piazza Duomo Empty streets. Close Up of Young Smiling Hipster Guy in Glasses Wearing Checked Jacket in Earphones with Bag Walking, Looking around at Old City Street. Student, Tourist Concept. Traveling. Interior of Dendera temple or Temple of Hathor. Egypt. Dendera, Denderah, is a small town in Egypt. Dendera Temple complex, one of the best-preserved temple sites from ancient Upper Egypt. 4K aerial drone video of a clock tower, castle, and ancient buildings in Edinburgh, Scotland during the morning Aerial view of Galata tower, one of the ancient symbols in Istanbul. Bosphorus and Istanbul skyline. Istanbul, Turkey. Shot from a drone. Aerial landscape of egypt pyramid. historical building.  Flare and light rays in the souk of Marrakech Morocco where people sell typical and traditional home made commodities moving forward Preciados street in Madrid without people due to the state of alert in Spain by COVID-19. Filmed on March 23, 2020. Coins floor ancient floor stacked gold floor rain coin falling ancient falling gold falling coin green screen ancient green screen gold green screen coins animation ancient animation gold animation 3d
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