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AERIAL TOP UP: a group of young people in bright ski suits depict snow angels lying on the fresh snow in the form of a cross. four winter angels happy and energetic with splashes of snow. SLOW MOTION AERIAL CLOSE UP DISTANCING: Happy smiling young woman lying in fresh snow moving arms and legs and making snow angles in forest. Joy before the Christmas. Cheerful playful girl in in winter wonderland Young mother and little daughter making angels on the snow. Top view with copyspace. Family have fun in sunny winter day outdoors SLOW MOTION: Young woman making snow angels Happy Little Child Girl Laying Down on the Snow Making Snow Angel Shot from Top View on Sunny Day High Angle in Slow Motion Moving Arms and Legs Lying on the Back Top Down Footage of the Happy Cute Little Girl Falling into Snow, Lying and Making Snow Angel. Child Enjoying Winter Weather. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Woman making snow angels and playing in snow. Aeriel view from the drone Top aerial view of young happy smiling girl making by arms snow angel figure and lying in snow, winter outdoor activity concept High angle view of happy man lying on snow and creating snow angel figure SLOW MOTION Happy girl in warm winter clothing doing snow angels in fresh powder blanket. Cheerful woman laying in powder snow, making angle at sunrise. Playful girl enjoying winter, snowflakes flying A little girl makes snow angels in snow. Top view. Top view of snow angel. Camera moves out from woman lying in snow and making snow angel Girl makes snow angel in clearing in the forest, aerial shot. Aerial shoting view of girl happy making by arms snow angel figure and lying in snow. Young woman lying in snow do angles in forest. Aerial Sunny weather Downtown Los Angeles Young beautiful girl runs on the snow and jumps into it and starts making a snow angel. Slow motion video 100p Father and son making snow angels A mountain girl plays snowballs, dive and do the angel and blowing snow in the room. Surrounded by nature plays like a child, concept: fun, play, vacation. Young couple lying in fresh snow, making snow angels having fun. Aerial video of cheerful young people outdoor in winter. 
Aerial top view on skiers making angels in the snow and lazing in the shape of a circle. People in colourful sport clothes. Andorra. Kid making snow angel. Young cheerful girl lying on snow. Winter child fun. Beautiful girl playing in snow Kid playing snow angel among fallen leafs. Rest in autumn park. Funny child.
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