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Happy cute affectionate adopted little kid girl hugging foster care parent mother with eyes closed, adorable small child daughter embrace mum cuddling enjoy tender sweet moment concept, close up view Smiling young woman volunteer showing hands sign heart shape looking at camera. Healthy heart health life insurance, love and charity, voluntary social work, organ donation concept, close up portrait. Happy company manager handshake promote praise male intern worker in office, motivated young employee rewarded appreciated for good work results get positive feedback concept team applause at meeting Rear view husband hugs wife makes surprise. Close up face happy female cuddles beloved man hold giftbox express gratitude for gift at 8-march International Women Day, life events celebrations concept Close up happy indian woman make with fingers heart shape smile look at camera through symbol. Client give positive feedback, girl in love romantic feelings sign, health insurance and donation concept Young kind woman nurse daughter caregiver holding stroking hand of old elder man patient close up view, senior grandparent care, two generations support concept, grandparent healthcare and hope Happy little girl hands holding heart shape. Child at sunset folded his hands in form of heart. Girl smiles. Child love symbol of happy family. Heart sign of family love. Heart from hands, happy Close up side view African family embracing standing near decorated glowing fir tree, happy wife feels grateful hugs husband express gratitude for New Year gift. Christmas holidays celebration concept Close up of smiling young Indian woman volunteer showing hands sign heart shape looking at camera. Healthy heart health life insurance, love and charity, voluntary social work, organ donation concept. A close up shot of 100,000 likes being counted with thumping hearts on a social network page. Flat version.	 	Web traffic concept. Smiling young male team leader boss introducing new project manager to multiracial colleagues in office. Pleasant female newcomer having first working day, getting acquainted with diverse coworkers. Mixed gender office colleagues smiling, applauding and congratulating a lady employee after winning an award. A group of male and female coworkers clapping and celebrating a success of a woman Kid Panting Thanks to corona warriors poster - Concept of showing preparation to gratitude for coronavirus or covid-19 healthcare and essential workers workers. Proud grateful young female worker get promotion evaluation applause handshake executive boss at team office meeting, satisfied male ceo motivate praise happy best employee give feedback concept Little adorable girl her young bald mother making heart shape with hands showing symbol of love at camera, close up view happy faces. Share support optimism and hope with other cancer patients concept Grateful pleased senior elder woman holding hands on chest gesture feeling heartfelt gratitude concept. Hopeful thankful older grandma expressing honesty, trust and sincere appreciation. Close up view Mumbai, India - 22 March 2020: People clap, bang plates in balcony to thank, applaud doctors, nurses, health workers on Janata curfew day during coronavirus outbreak in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India Glittering pink and purple background material. Supports 4K image quality loop playback. Happy boss and colleagues office team applaud support successful proud best female business leader employee get promotion reward professional recognition praising for good work give feedback concept Close up happy african mom and daughter cuddling seated on sofa. Loving parent hug 6s daughter express love, showing caress. Little girl feels grateful embrace new mum. Adoption, Mothers day concept Diverse business young team people clap hands appreciate proud happy old middle aged female manager praise older mature executive applaud thank for good work congratulate with success reward concept
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