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Multi-Ethnic Office Conference Room. Muslim Female CEO Wearing Hijab does Presentation for Group of Managers Talk, Use TV Infographics, Statistics. Businesspeople Brainstorm eCommerce Growth Strategy Track in a close-up shot of a young confident Indian Asian female civil engineer wearing a safety helmet standing with folded arms and looking at the camera on top of an under-construction building. Portrait of beautiful young Arab muslim woman in black traditional hijab looking straight to camera and smiling. At home. Close up of female pretty face with smile. Arabian headscarf. Indoor. Two diverse businesswomen walking along street holding folder with documents communicate before meeting, discuss report. Indian girl in hijab consults with colleague young European woman during break Young beautiful girl in traditional Abaya dress walks along the dunes in the desert of Dubai. 4K Slow Motion Woman in traditional arab dress stands on the mountains and rises her hand. Dubai city silhouette on the background Close up portrait of professional young muslim business woman looking at camera smiling happy wearing traditional headscarf in office background Arabic woman weared in traditional UAE dress - abayain rising her hands on the sunset at a desert with Dubai city silhouette on the background. A young male and female Indian Asian civil engineers safety jackets and helmets standing on an under-construction building holding a blueprint of the structure and working together  Collage of close-up of eyes and faces of people of different ages and genders. Beautiful montage of persons of diverse ethnicities looking at camera. Blue, green and brown iris. Slow-motion, 4K. Girl waving her hand over a rock in the desert wearing abaya while sunset close up shot fossil dunes Close-up hand signs with handful of sand. Sand from the desert spills out of the girl’s hand. 4K Slow Motion Close-up of girl in traditional Abaya dress walking barefoot along the dunes in the desert of Dubai. 4K Slow Motion Middle eastern beauty. Close up outdoors portrait of carefree calm young muslim woman wearing hijab smiling to camera, posing outdoors, tracking shot, slow motion Business Expo Stage: Famous Inspirational Speaker From Gulf Region Talking about Technology, Science, Success, Productivity. Tech Industry Businesswoman in Traditional Arab Hijab Giving a Presentation Joyful Muslim Mom In Hijab And Little Daughter Clapping Hands Having Fun With Flour While Baking Pastry In Kitchen At Home. Young Arabic Mother And Her Kid Girl Enjoying Cooking Cookies Together Happy family including mother, father, and two kids are blowing soap bubbles and enjoying the summer holidays in the garden or park. Smiling parents and children are spending leisure time together. Muslim Family Baking In Kitchen. Happy Middle-Eastern Mom In Hijab And Her Little Daughter Making Dough Adding Eggs And Milk And Mixing Ingredients In Bowl Sitting In Kitchen At Home. Zoom In A modern Indian Asian woman or female working professional fashion designer is standing at the studio or workplace with a laptop in front is looking at camera. women empowerment, job equality concept Business team at work in a office in Dubai. Locals from united arab emirates working on a new project wearing the formal traditional white outfit	Young woman in traditional Abaya dress and in hijab enjoys nature in the desert at sunset. Woman rising her hands stand at the peak of deserts mountains with fog and wind
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