Arctic Tern Stock Video Footage

Arctic tern birds fishing near deep blue glacial ice, Jokulsarlon lagoon Iceland.
Arctic terns hunting in front of deep blue glowing glacial ice, diving underwater, Jokulsarlon Iceland.
Arctic tern kria close up standing on wooden post flying away Iceland Slow motion of arctic tern flying with water in background A008 C094 0713EI 001 Arctic Tern Flock
Beautiful shot of Arctic Tern Flock of birds
Arctic tern bird shaking off water while flying, Iceland wetlands slow motion Arctic tern kria birds flying silhouetted by sun, swooping close to camera, slow motion Arctic Tern 
Beautiful shot of Arctic Tern bird
Arctic tern bird swarm artistic abstract time lapse, flashing colored blurred lights.
Arctic tern Flock of Arctic terns (Sterna paradisaea) in flight at Westerwick, Mainland, Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK Arctic Tern kria flock birds swarming in front of rising moon rocks Iceland Arctic Tern kria bird swarm ocean fishing feeding frenzy, Iceland A lone arctic tern preens its wings with a bay and icy mountain in background in Ny-Alesund in Svalbard, Norway - A008_C046_0713D4_001 Birds battling extreme winds in slow motion over the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon in Iceland Icelandic horses and sheep next to ocean under arctic tern kria swarm Kirkjufell Iceland Two speckled arctic tern chicks waddle with their mouths open for their parent to feed them. The parent arrives and feeds small fish to one chick. A010 C010 0716J1 001 Arctic Tern kria flock birds swarming in front of rising moon, Iceland Slow motion shot of arctic tern working the sea looking for fish near Aselund and diving into water. A008 C095 0713DM 001 A Arctic tern flying
Arctic tern hovering in the snowy mountains
Beautiful arctic terns flying along a brook in Iceland.
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