Arguing In Store Stock Video Footage

Shot of an businesswoman at her desk talking angrily on the phone. Senior couple arguing in the supermarket in high quality 4k format Girls fighting over a piece of clothing they both want Frustrated owner, manager arguing with waiter in closed cafe, small business lockdown due to coronavirus. Young caucasian boy playing video games in smartphone supermarket. His worried family of three arguing with naughty child. Grocery store. Mobile phone addiction. Bearded baffoled young male cashier arguing with customer shaking head disapproval shocked working at cash register. Emotions, bad habits. Supermarket staff. Man and woman choosing a bottle of wine in the shop. Woman checking prices CIRCA 1940s - A teenager gets a part-time job at a shoe store, but quickly becomes bored, and argues with a customer in 1948. 1940s: Store. Man goes through papers and looks up in surprise. Man and woman argue. Man puts hands in pockets. Man walks. Men talk. Front view close up of pretty Caucasian couple arguing in a store Unhappy, angry businesswoman talking on her mobile phone while looking at the laptop. CIRCA 1960s - In a crowded supermarket, a love struck young couple walks down a grocery aisle, but they are arguing by the time their cart is full. Side view of nervous man and woman arguing emotionally in grocery. Portrait of argued Caucasian family quarrelling in food shop. Conflict, marriage and relationship problems, buying. Young couple shopping in the supermarket. Man taking ice-cream from the fridge, but woman is angry with him. He putting it back, but returning alone and taking it again 1960s: Women shoppers try out Pyroceram coffee percolators, in a store, in 1960. Portrait of satisfied Caucasian man looking at camera and smiling as irritated woman yelling and gesturing at background. Happy male shopper posing in hardware store with annoyed wife shouting. Queue arguing with buyer standing at cashier in hardware store. Irritated Caucasian men and woman shouting and gesturing buying tools and supplies in shop indoors. Conflict and consumerism. CIRCA 1964 - An engaged couple argue over an expensive wedding ring. Unhappy Young Couple Family Looking Sad Marriage Conflict in New Home Apartment CIRCA 1964 - A young couple argues while shopping for an engagement ring because he wants to buy better than he can afford. Family couple with bags sitting on the bed in the store and having a strict talk. Man expressing his annoyance towards womans shopping
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