Armored Stock Video Footage

Medieval Knight on Battlefield, Looking at Camera, Closes his Helmet for Battle. Portrait of Mighty Warrior, King, Soldier at War, Conquest, Crusade. Dramatic Scene, Cinematic Historic Reenactment Medieval Knight Wearing Armour and Helmet, Draws Sword from Shearh, Ready to Fight, Kill His Enemy in Battle. Warrior Soldier on Battlefield. War, Invasion, Crusade. Cinematic Historic Reenactment Armoured trucks standing on parking in front of an army base. Armor vans leave the military base. Bulletproof cars go on a mission. Endless, seamless looping animation. Transportation. Top view. Epic Armies of Medieval Knights on Battlefield Clash, Armored Warriors Fighting Swords. Bloody War, Battle, Invasion. Dramatic Historical Reenactment. Cinematic Blue Light, Slow Motion, Medium Close-up of an armored personnel carrier of the Russian army riding on the road. Epic Battlefield: Portrait of Knight Leader Wearing Helmet, Holding Sword, Ready for Battle. King Warrior in Dark Age Medieval War against Enemy Invasion. Cinematic Light, Historic Reenactment A heavy, black armoured truck going through the city downtown during rainy weather. Bank money safe transportation in a hurry. Blurred city streets passing by in the background. Looping animation.
A beautiful female angel knight with two swords in her hands, wearing a beautiful plate armor, she hovers over a medieval city illuminated by the sun. 2d animation with a clean loop. Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: A column of armored personnel carriers of the Ukrainian army is driving along a snow-covered road. Preparations for the Russian invasion of Ukraine Samurai armor with flashing white scratches The girl and her faithful battle dragons are preparing to fly. The girl was created using 3D computer graphics. Fantasy medieval concept.The animation is designed for fantasy backgrounds. 3D rendering The invasion of the Russian army. A column of military armored vehicles rides on the road. Moving troops to the border. Aerial view. Epic Battle: Army of Medieval Knights on Battlefield, Scream Battle Cry and Charge with Attack on the Enemy. Armored Soldiers in Helmets, With Shields and Swords. Cinematic Historical Reenactment Epic Invading Army of Medieval Knights on Battlefield. Armored Soldiers in Helmets, Hit Shields with Swords in Battle Cry. War, Conquest, Crusade. Historical Reenactment. Cinematic Tracking Shot Epic Invading Army of Medieval Soldiers Marching Through Forest. Armored Warriors with Swords Moving to Battlefield. War, Battle, Crusades in Dark Ages. Cinematic Historical Reenactment. Low Angle Medieval Knight Warrior Leading His Horse into the Battle to Fight. Romantic Hero in Plated Armor, Shield, Helmet and Sword and Thoroughbred Stallion. War, Invasion, Conquest. Cinematic Mist The warrior girl and her formidable dragon met in the summer forest after a long separation. The girl was created using 3D computer graphics. Looping animation is for fantasy backgrounds. 3D rendering Man in traditional japanese samurai clothing is looking at camera and demontrating his katana sword, isolated on black background - culture, tradition, martial arts concept 4k footage In Robotics Development Laboratory: Engineers and Scientists Work on a Bionics Exoskeleton Prototype with Person Testing it. Designing Wearable Exosuit to Help Disabled People, Warehouse Workers Female soldier of future in fiction helmet holding assault gun in her hands lit with blue neon street lights. Woman combat cyborg in futuristic protective costume. Cyberpunk warrior at night Kid boy wearing cardboard medieval knight armor costume draws a sword from a scabbard against blue sky. 4K UHD 60 FPS SLO MO
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