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Future car lifestyle Cape Town Following Chapman's Peak Drive Road - 4K Drone Footage An aerial approach shot towards Melbourne city from south along Yarra River Drone flies under Sydney Sea Cliff Bridge and skims along the ocean Birds eye aerial view of residential houses, suburbia, suburbs Timelapse footage a busy road turning from day to night at rush hour in Sydney, Australia Aerial hyper lapse at night overhead of busy intersection traffic at night in Sydney, Australia with fast moving cars, trucks, buses and trains, blurred motion Australia aerial footage NSW sunrise sea cliff bridge coastal landscape 4k country freeway vehicle POV, driving along the Northern Expressway, from Adelaide, South Australia to the Barossa Valley, showing speed detectors on the right. High spinning aerial overhead shot above the Tasman bridge over the Derwent river in Tasmania Australia, with traffic, cars and trucks, crossing in morning light, whites streaks on the water Aerial/Drone Footage of Lyell Highway and Iron Blow Lookout in the Mining Town of Queenstown, Tasmania, Australia Low flight over Tirhatuan Wetlands towards Eastlink highway in Melbourne, Australia Aerial view of RV vehicle (car) traveling off road on dusty outback Australia country rural Australian dirt track toward mountain ranges. Cruising on open highway toward distant mountains
Future car lifestyle Timelapse of Perth City, Australia, as seen from King's Park, from late dusk to night time. Aerial footage of Sydney Harbour Bridge, from helicopter featuring Sydney CBD, Sydney Ferries (ferry), with Sydney Skyline in Background & Ferries in Foreground, on the Parramatta River. Australia flag shown on the side of a large truck driving on a highway Aerial view of vehicles entering and exiting a large roundabout during morning peak hour traffic in Canberra, Australia     Timelapse of Perth City, Australia, as seen from King's Park, from late dusk to night time - 1080p An aerial shot of Melbourne City, along the Yarra River past alexandra gardens towards CBD, Melbourne Australia Aerial view of scenic pools of Tirhatuan Wetlands in Melbourne, Australia
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