Awe Stock Video Footage

Lightning in the sky. Electric discharges in the sky. Drone point of view flying towards Monument valley rock formations in Navajo land in Utah, USA.
Aerial view of famous landmark in western USA Close up portrait of beautiful hispanic woman looking up exploring mindfulness contemplating spirituality with wind blowing hair enjoying peaceful seaside at sunset Mushroom cloud forming after a violent volcanic eruption. Reventador volcano erupting in February 2020, The mountain is situated in a remote part of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Time lapse. POV Surfing View Of Empty Ocean Wave Crashing Galaxies. Inside human eye. Blue. Zoom in from a blue human eye to a galaxy animation. Science Background. More options in my portfolio. Silhouettes of hands raised in worship with light rays and Cross. Independent Woman smiling with Red hair blowing in wind Close up portrait looking at sunset over ocean Young Girl Slow Motion A terrified young woman watches a horror film at the cinema USA Flag Slow Motion Loop Solar eclipse timelapse. Space 2122: Flying through star fields in deep space (Loop). A young woman at the movies begins to smile and laugh Spectacular volcanic eruption. Huge boulders are thrown from the ash cloud. Reventador volcano erupting in February 2020, situated in a remote part of the Ecuadorian Amazon surrounded by rainforest. New daddy snuggles and loves on his brand new baby boy while holding the tiny infant on his arms. Instant love between a father and child. Father in awe of his little child. A set of 7 footages. Flock of crows isolated on white background. Silhouettes of birds in motion far in the sky. Nature pattern for design. Visual element for compositing. Close up portrait of beautiful young woman looking up praying exploring spirituality contemplating future on cloudy seaside Cinematic storm clouds with lightning strikes reflecting in ocean. Thousands of sky lanterns are released into the night sky to wish for good luck as part of a lantern festival. Spring and summer mountains of Banff national Park Canada, Cascade Mountain Banff National Park Time Lapse 4K Close up portrait beautiful red head woman opening eyes meditating at sunset praying exploring spiritual lifestyle enjoying mindfulness
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