Backache Stock Video Footage

Back pain because of kidney infection, kidney disease, lightning, and redness mean pain. The Patient Uses Physical Therapy to Recover from Surgery and Increase Mobility. The Doctor Works on Specific Muscle Groups or Joints. Freedom from Chronic Back Pain Close up rear back view woman sit at workplace experiences severe pain in neck, rubbing it to relieve muscle tension. Cervical osteochondrosis, tired overworked female, sedentary lifestyle concept Backache. Tired unhealthy male worker in jeans shirt touching injured sore back, suffering lower lumbar discomfort, muscle pain of overwork, pinched nerve. studio shot isolated on blue background Elderly female sitting on bed, pressing hands against lower back, backache, health problems. Woman stretching muscles in morning, radiculitis symptom, uncomfortable mattress. Rheumatism, bones pain
Office Syndrome. Close Up Shot. Salaryman working his computer suddenly he feeling pain in back and waist He try to relax and relieve by his hand. Slow Motion Shot. A man has a sore neck after hard work at a table with a laptop. pain in the neck Unhappy middle aged 70s grey haired woman feeling lower lumbago spinal backpain while getting up from couch. Unhealthy senior mature retired grandmother suffering from osteoporosis arthritis. Pain in the back. Backache. Back view of a woman having problems with the spine. Healthcare concept Neck pain and spine hurt - backbone concept Upset worried senior adult woman feel sore back ache getting up from sofa, tired elderly grandma touching spine suffer from osteoarthritis lower lumbago spinal backache, older people backpain concept A young man suffering from back pain Close-up video of girl having low back pain while walking up the stairs Neck pain. Tired woman with painful in neck muscles. Health care and medical concept Spine pain in sacral region - backbone concept Young engineer looking at construction works. Curly-haired african american woman freelancer sitting in cafe restaurant working remotely from public place feels pain suffers from injury in back arthritis holding on to spine, disease problems Close up man with low back pain A sick person wake up because he feeling back pain, he try to relax hisself and dissolve his pain by hand on back and neck. 4k Resolution. Lower back pain. Red blinking on the backbone. Loopable. Luma matte. 3D rendering. Back rear head shot shoulder view exhausted young indian woman massaging neck, suffering from pain or inflammation processes due to long sedentary computer work at home office, feeling unhealthy.
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