Backlit Stock Video Footage

Muay Thai fighter skipping in gym beside boxing ring, training backlit with flares in the background, wide shot Russell Square London. Backlit Park Scene.
Backlit tree, grass and people in a park. Could be anywhere but is Russell Square in central London. Elementary school kids running and waving to camera outdoors People pedestrians walk/cross big city intersection slow motion 100p.Gimbal stabilized tracking shot of an anonymous crowd mostly of young age getting across a busy city street.No logos/faces visible. Elementary school kids chasing football in a field Fire Smoke from Bottom Up Black Background Use the composite mode Screen for transparency. Against the sun portrait of construction worker in helmet with shovel standing near the sand pile. Builder looking at camera and smiling at construction site, slow motion. City pedestrians on summer night,cross street.100fps gimbal stabilized tracking shot of an anonymous crowd of pedestrians  walking,crossing a busy city street.No logos, faces visible.Commercial shot. Fighter woman fist close up - boxer strikes into the side of the camcorder. Spectator video boxing Man Opening the Door of a Container Warehouse. View from Inside. Background of natural floating dust particles backlit with lens flare - 96fps HD Slo-mo 2 Steadicam shot: Farmers - a man and a woman walking across the field at sunset. Carry a tree seedling, a watering can and a shovel. Concept - work in the garden, volunteering, a new life Hands typing on computer keyboard, moving camera, business man working on laptop pc in office Group of friends walking along coastal path together Small real dust particles floats over black backgound Two businessmen shaking hands to greet each other and talking in office, backlit shot on Sony NEX 700 Ink in water. Turquoise with gold glitter paint reacting in water creating abstract cloud formations.Can be used as transitions,added to modern projects,art backgrounds, anything with creative twist. Pedestrians on cold winter night, cross busy city street, slow motion 100p.tracking shot of an anonymous crowd of pedestrians crossing a busy city street.No logos or faces visible.Commercial shot. Slow motion locked-down rear view of silhouettes of four men in black suits confidently walking away from camera towards exit of parking lot. Female hands typing on a laptop. Backlit. Lateral dolly. Green Forest. Pine Trees Fairy Forest. Untouched spruce.Elf land. Forest pattern. Camera movement inside the forest. Moths and fir with moos on the ground
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