Barefoot Stock Video Footage

SLOW MOTION:, LOW ANGLE, CLOSE UP, DOF Unrecognizable woman running in the hot summer sun along the sunny exotic shore in Cook Islands. Carefree girl takes off her flip flops and runs in the sand. Side view of barefoot legs of woman walking on the floor behind little baby in diaper Little baby learns to walk. First Steps. Slow Motion 120 fps, 4K. Parents are teaching their child to do the first steps on a green grass in summer. Happy childhood and Parenthood concept. Family love Beautiful scene of a woman walking on ocean beach at sunset Little baby learns to walk. First Steps. Slow Motion 120 fps, 4K. Mother is teaching her child to do the first steps on a green grass in summer. Close up on feet. Happy childhood and Maternity. Family Children, teens and young people playing barefoot Muzica in a simple field 
simple life Baby taking first steps with mother help Baby crawling high angle view Woman feet jogging up stairs, close up. Steadicam stabilized shot. Slow Motion. Sportswoman wearing barefoot sports shoes while training on the sunny stairs. Lens Flare. Romantic couple relaxing in tropical hammock at sunset. Summer Luxury Vacation. SLOW MOTION. Young males and females in a group of Tahitian hula dancers performing outdoor barefoot in traditional costume Tahiti French Polynesia South Pacific Multi-Ethnic group of road trip friends jumping out of retro van barefoot and running at sunny sandy beach Medium slow motion zoom out shot of yoga class performing downward-facing dog / Provo, Utah, United States Slow motion - Beautiful shot of a woman in a long flow dress walking by the poolside and splashing water with her foot at colorful sunset. Girl leaning on the railing to enjoy the view at end of clip Unidentified children play football in a village on the background of sunset. Slow motion. Closeup of tiny barefoot legs of baby walking on the soft rug without any help Couple in bed making love. male and female legs top view, white linens. sex, 4k Close-up tracking shot of feet of little baby boy walking barefoot with help of father in home while making first steps Teenager girls triplet sisters at home watch smart phones in social media lying on couch upside down Female Feet Walking Barefoot on Sea Shore at Sunset. Slow Motion. Closeup. HD, 1920x1080.   SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, COPY SPACE: Unrecognizable woman tourist runs into shallow ocean water at idyllic exotic sunset. Carefree girl on tropical beach runs into refreshing sea at golden sunrise.
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