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College game in action. Pitcher throwing a fastball down the middle. Siwing for the fences. Shot in Slow-motion and in 4k. Sliding into home. A runner tries to slide into home plate. Back catcher tags the runner and it's a close call in a dustup. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k. Baseball male player in action during the game on a professional baseball stadium. He wears unbranded sport clothes. The stadium is made in 3D. Lighting the empty grass playground before the game in the stadium full of fans, sport 4K professional background animation loop OVERHEAD CRANE Batter baseball player hits a ball over a home plate. 4K UHD 60 FPS SLO MO RAW Los Angeles , California / United States - 09 29 2019: Dodgers baseball Stadium in Los Angeles California. Panning shot across stands with fans overlooking diamond. Green grass playground and stadium full of spectators and shining spotlights. Sport event as looped 4k video background. Baseball player in action on the professional stadium. The stadium is made in 3D with animated crowd. Swing for the fence. Baseball game in action. Pitcher throwing a ball down the middle. Competitive game perfect for playback. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k. Side view of a Caucasian male baseball player during a baseball game, hitting a ball with a baseball bat and running on a sunny day, with other players in the foreground, in slow motion Cheerful father and son playing baseball at yard Baseball home plate with baseball and bat. Home base with baseball accessories. Camera moving around sports gear. Beautiful soft warm light. Brake in a game. Major League Baseball. American sport Baseball ball. Ball games and sport. Individual isolated baseballs spinning and tracking forwards towards the camera. Baseball close up. Sports Video background with a stadium full of fans, grass pitch and with spotlights on. Sport building 4k loop animation. Pitcher pitching a walk at a ball game Members of a baseball team playing a game outdoors on a baseball field at sundown on a sunny day, the hitter making a run and arriving back at home base, shot with drone Members of a baseball team playing a game outdoors on a baseball field at sundown, the hitter hitting a pitch and making a run, seen from behind the catcher, shot with drone Stressed angry businessman smashing his laptop with a baseball bat, job burnout concept Sport stadium video background with asphalt surface playground, flashing lights and cheering crowd. Glowing stadium lights in 4k loop animation. Bringing the heat. Pitcher throws fastball down the line towards a batter. Batter gets all of it and crushes a deep shot. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k. Empty baseball and cricket arena with fans in the evening lights
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