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Preparing to Battle in a Stormy Day Military helicopter Slow motion of armed soldiers running forward to attack Anonymous Drummer Drumming on Stage - Close Up Computer Generated Battlefield W/4 battle scenes (silhouettes).../ Battlefield Athletic Female Working Out Using Battle Ropes. High-intensity interval training. Slow Motion. Rocket takes off Rockets take off Medieval Army Preparing for Battle Young girl dressed as superheroes playing at home - 4K KIEV, UKRAINE December 30, 2014: Protesters set fire to barricades in Kiev. The revolution in Ukraine 04 Aerial of the ocean waves washing up on a black basalt rock in Hawaii. A woman doing sprints inside of a gym with workout equipment in the foreground - fitness / crossfit / exercise / workout Tilt up to a closeup of a man's face working out with Battle Ropes - - fitness / crossfit / exercise / workout - ISOLATED ON BLACK Three Fighter Jets Man Throwing Molotov Cocktail Slow Motion  Battle between two aggressive and strong opponents, medieval knights. Slowmotion Young girls dressed as superheroes playing at home - 4K Fire flames fireman battling blazing fire storm at night du
Ring wind storm HD high definition 1080 1920x1080 FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 2013 - large-scale, epic Civil War anniversary reenactment -- in the middle of battle.  Smokey Battlefield as Union Infantry advances into battle with flag flying in tall grass.
A strong, ripped, cut, buff man doing medicine ball exercises in slow motion, bouncing the ball off of a wall outside - fitness / crossfit / exercise / workout
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