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Chef peppering meat at stone cutting board. Closeup man hands peppering grilled streak in slow motion. Top view of chef hands decorating ready meat dish with pepper at professional kitchen Close up on hands holding a smoked brisket on a cutting board, quickly slicing cooked meat into thin slices for a barbecue plate in a restaurant. BBQ is tender, juicy, black rim, fat rim, delicious. MACRO FOOD: rack of lamb is cut in half slow motion SLOW MOTION FOOD: spices fall on the rack of lamb close up Close up of hipster gourmet chef or cook with authentic tattoos seasoning fresh chunk of deli piece of beef with sea salt and grounded spicy peppers. Male tattooed Chef’s Hand Seasoning Fresh steak in a Bright Light. Cuisine, Bon Apetite, Fresh Meat, Pepper Salt, Garlic and Rosemary. Close Up View, Slow Motion. Burger Build Up Backwards - Beef Burger Roasted pork with potatoes. Top view Fresh homemade burritos with beef on olive cutting board Chef cutting pork meat on black chopping board on kitchen. fresh vegetables tomato pepper knife professional cooking master male man hands close-up raw uncooked beef steak prepare food meal recipe Grilled beef steak on bone with tomatoes rotating on the stone cutting board Grilled meat with fork and knife on a wooden board, top view Raw beef meat fillet with peppercorn and thyme and differnt spices in glass bottles ready to grill on wood figured aged board over table 1920x1080 intro motion slow hidef hd Delicious assorted German sausages in large frying pan at Oktoberfest The chef cut raw meat beef fillet, makes the preparation for cooking, Dolly shot, close-up The chef cuts raw meat with the knife in slow motion Pork ribs with corn Slicing of grilled steak on a cutting board Burger Build Up - Beef Cheese Burger Different types of raw meat Beef brisket of beef carved into slices
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