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Beef fillet on the Cut Board, preparing Meat. Brutal Mans`s Hands with a Knife slicing, cutting a delicate Beef fillet Meat on the cut board. Beef or Veal meat on the Table. Steak. Meat Dish. Chef sharpening his knife. Professional check showing getting readymade to cut a tender piece of meat. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k. CLOSE UP FOOD: Cooking tongs put filet mignon on a black surface slow motion Close up of raw lamb chop spinning on cutting board. Shot in 4k resolution with isolated on white background Woman cutting raw meat on small pieces with kitchen knife cutting board. Female cutting red beef filet on wooden board, holding knife in hand. Housewife is cooking at home interior. Concept: food Huge assortment of various tasety spanish, french or italian apertizers. Cheese, meat, olives, stuffed peppers, bread, sticks. Placed on rusty dark background. View from above. Chef with Vintage Knife Cuts of Grilled Beef Steak on Rustic Cutting Board on Wooden Background. Juicy Sliced Rib Eye Steak with Salt. Concept of Delicious Meat Food Different types of raw meat Male tattooed Chef’s Hand Seasoning Fresh steak in a Bright Light. Cuisine, Bon Apetite, Fresh Meat, Pepper Salt, Garlic and Rosemary. Close Up View, Slow Motion. Grilled meat with fork and knife on a wooden board, top view Uncooked meat : raw fresh beef pork rib and fillet ready to cooking with garlic and green stuff over wood hidef slow motion intro SLOW MOTION: cook makes asian noodles in wok. A versatile round-bottomed cooking vessel, originating from China. Asian food cooking.
Man cuts into thin slices fatty sausage. Shooting closeup. Chef cutting salami with a knife on a wood board close up. MACRO FOOD: rack of lamb is cut in half slow motion Close up on hands holding a smoked brisket on a cutting board, quickly slicing cooked meat into thin slices for a barbecue plate in a restaurant. BBQ is tender, juicy, black rim, fat rim, delicious. Delicious slices of medium rare grilled barbecue beef steak on wooden board, salt and pepper seasoning falling down on juicy roasted meat. Steamed beef steak with blood served in luxury restaurant Rotation view of juicy raw steak meat being salted and spiced, garnished. Seasoning fresh steak in a bright light. Cuisine, bon apetite, pepper salt, garlic and rosemary. Slow motion SLOW MOTION FOOD: spices fall on the rack of lamb close up Woman's hands cut a piece of fresh beef meat into steaks on the kitchen table on a wooden Board, for cooking cutlets and steaks A man cutting beef meat and bones into small pieces on a wooden chopping board with clean environment. Amazing tasty appetizing burger with various fresh ingredients and buns on wooden board, isolated on black background - unhealthy living, fast food concept close up 4k footage
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