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Berlin Wall in Berlin Germany in 4k slow motion 60fps
Berlin, Germany - 09.09.2021: People at riverside next to the Berlin East Side Gallery during sunset. Oberbaum Bridge on background. CIRCA 1966 - A prefabricated wall is put up in place of the barbed wire constituting the Berlin Wall. CIRCA 1960s - A silent documentary of the Berlin Wall, Germany in the 1960's CIRCA 1961 - East Germans struggle out of windows and through barbed wire fences to make it to West Berlin. CIRCA 1980s - President Reagan's Speech at the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, 1987 CIRCA 1980s - President Reagan delivers his famous 'Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall' at the Brandenburg Gate speech, Berlin, 1987 Day to night hyper lapse of famous Brandeburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor) in central Berlin, on a warm spring day with no clouds in 4k CIRCA 1962 - Demonstrations in West Germany are held in solidarity with East Germany on the first anniversary of the Berlin Wall's construction. CIRCA 1965 - As allied forces patrol their part of the wall through Berlin, children in West Berlin draw with chalk nearby and on the other side. WEST BERLIN, WEST GERMANY, 1988, Brandenburg Gate, zoom out, reveal Berlin Wall AERIAL: Slow flight through Empty Central Berlin Neighbourhood Street with Almost No People and No Cars during Coronavirus COVID 19 on Overcast Cloudy Day, Berlin, Germany in March 2020 BERLIN, GERMANY - Aug 2014 : Berlin Wall, Berlin, Germany 1960s: People run from tanks. The building of the Berlin Wall. Barbed wire on the top of the Berlin Wall. CIRCA 1966 - East German soldiers patrol the Berlin Wall as its barbed wire is torn down to be replaced by a prefabricated wall. CIRCA 1960s - A 1960's silent film about Berlin, Germany, the Berlin wall is built. BERLIN, GERMANY, 1961, B&W Archival, people running through barbed wire fence CIRCA 1961 - Families are split up by the construction of the Berlin Wall, and must wave to each other from the East and West. Berlin , Germany - 11 26 2022: People At The West Side Of Berlin Wall Memorial (Gedenkstatte Berliner Mauer) Long shadows of people in line. Stunning aerial top view flight Berlin Wall Memorial Border crossing zone, city district, Germany spring 2023. vertical bird's eye view drone
4k uhd cinematic footage. BERLIN, GERMANY - OCTOBER 20, 2019: Timelapse view of famous Reichstag building (german government) at evening, Berlin, Germany.
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