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Big Data Related Terms Big Data.
Collecting data from a mass of people. Abstract cloud in the center of a globe Tracking people using digital surveillance.
A computer server locates and tracks targets moving on a  city map. Big Data Concept Animation Macro video of a human eye with binary code projections
Binary data with graphic signs Numbers are flowing to the big sphere Close-up of eye with computer data and text overlayed Big Data People made of data.

People walking in a city shopping centre made of changing ones and zeros.  
Camera zooms out after 100 frames. Big scheme of electric chains on monitor screen close up World of big data Virtual screen Abstract cloud in the center of a globe Big Data.
Collecting data from a city. Digital Surveillance.
Montage of an eye, binary code and people walking on a city pavement. Young businesswoman touches the screan to start an abtract cloud computing animation Lamps blink in data server with multiple hard drives at big rack Data Stream Matrix - vertically scrolling numbers A laptop computer with a technology screensaver playing. the screen saver is an eye with data running over it and is work from my own collection
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