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Seamless 3D simulation of flying over the clouds at sunset 4K aerial of flying over a beautiful green forest in a rural landscape, Vermont, USA Four options of startled crows taking flight and flying away off-screen, with green background. Each flock differs in number of birds and how they fly away. Beautiful 4K tropical beach aerial - a bird's eye view of ocean waves crashing against an empty beach from above Flock of sparrows in flight for compositing onto your footage. Includes two flock options with 5 or 17 birds, on a green background. Also includes an individual sparrow flying in place. Aerial helicopter shot flying around downtown Los Angeles at sunset. Wide shot filmed with a RED camera. Zoom out of the Middle East through clouds to see the Earth from space. Aerial top down view of traffic jam on a car bridge and moving train. 4K video Overhead aerial cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC centered 4K and 1080 HD Tropical beach aerial view, Top view of waves break on tropical white sand beach. Sea waves seamless loop on the beautiful sand beach. Bird's Nest fern, Asplenium nidus. Wild Paradise rainforest jungle plant as natural floral background. Abstract texture close up of fresh exotic tropical green fresh curly leaves in fantasy dark woods Three options of a flock of birds (sparrows) flying or swooping across the frame, with green background. A flock of black birds flies from left to right to the green screen Person Snowboarding Down Slope Drone Aerial Birds Eye View Above White Powder Snow - Winter Extreme Sports Background Birds eye view dolly slow motion people walk steps from/to underground entrance.100-25p super slomo dolly overhead tracking of people walking to the underground train station.No logos/faces visible. Aerial view of white car driving on country road in forest. Cinematic drone shot flying over gravel road in pine tree forest Professional sport stadium with gates and crowd. Stadium made in 3D. Top down aerial view of giant ocean waves crashing and foaming Stockfootage of a large flock of flying Birds in the sky - Swarm of Starlings flying in formation - Download Video in 4K Overhead aerial diagonal cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC 1080 HD Aerial : Drone shooting of the landscape in Tokyo city Japan backward view Tokyo sky tree and the river and the bridge and roadway
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