Birdseye Stock Video Footage

Overhead aerial cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC centered 4K and 1080 HD Overhead aerial diagonal cars driving in Midtown Manhattan traffic New York City NYC 1080 HD France Paris Aerial v58 Flying over Place Charles de Gaulle looking down at Arc de Triomphe to cityscape view 8/18 Overhead Aerial Shot of Man in Kayak on Raging River with Rapids France Paris Aerial v66 Birdseye close up view of Arc de Triomphe to vertical over observation deck 8/18 Aerial drone birdseye view shot of man in bright red swimming shorts lay flat on water surface of ocean sea, crystal clear see through turquoise waves, relaxed and chill vacation holiday deserved time Aerial over Manhattan buildings toward Empire State Building New York City NYC 1080 HD Thailand Bangkok Aerial v26 Birdseye cityscape view crossing over downtown at night 3/18 Top view drone footage flying over high peak in national reserve park dry and beige desert, erosian made geological mountain pillar, drought resulted landscape, global warming threat Birdseye flight in Los Angeles over Broadway street the streets are empty because of the pandemic New York City Aerial v13 Vertical shot looking down over Midtown Manhattan heading west just after sunset. Aerial drone shot of a combine harvester working in a field at sunset. Shot in 4K (UHD). Aerial Korea Seoul April 2017 Gangnam Night Germany Berlin Aerial v31 Flying low around Berliner Fernsehturm tower cityscape views sunset 8/17 Los Angeles Aerial v131 Vertical shot looking down over downtown freeways panning. Germany Berlin Aerial v20 Birdseye flying low around Reichstag building sunset 8/17 Aerial Germany Berlin June 2018 Night 30mm 4K Inspire 2 Prores

Aerial video of downtown Berlin in Germany at night Central Park aerial moving forward over meadow New York City NYC 4K and 1080 HD Aerial Germany Hamburg June 2018 Night 90mm Zoom 4K Inspire 2 Prores

Aerial video of downtown Hamburg in Germany at night with a zoom lens. Aerial video of downtown Sydney in Australia at sunrise. Aerial Flight Over Footprints and Running Penguins. Antarctica Drone Shot. Fast Moving Gentoo Penguins and White Birds. Ice Cold, Snow Covered Land. Habits of Wild Animals. 4k Footage.
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