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Nervous Woman Lying In Bed Under Blanket Change TV Channel, Nervous Girl Sleeping Attractive blond lady guilty looking in camera over colorful background. Oops expression. Sorry Insomnia concept. Woman in bed at night can not sleep Head ache problem depression sad young business woman in park Upset young woman waking up with headache feeling frustrated sitting on bed. Unhappy female in pajamas having migraine and negative emotion. 4k Dragon RED camera Sad memory, reminiscence woman sits in park depressed, unhappy Lonely nervous blonde woman is waiting someone on street in city at daytime, worrying and looking around Depression and problems of blond female in park, crying tears Irritated blond woman arguing on the phone as telling about car breakage. Side view wide shot of nervous stressed Caucasian driver yelling and gesturing next to open vehicle hood. Profile portrait of nervous adult woman with blond hair loudly screaming holding speaker in hand, strict boss yelling, gender equality problem. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background A side view of a displeased nervous blonde woman is using her smartphone standing isolated over pink background in studio Young blond woman angry and screaming while waiting in traffic in slow motion 60 fps 4K Emotional Female Flight Controller Being Nervous Before a Very Important Space Rocket Launch. Beautiful Portrait with a Reflection in a Mission Control Center. Computer Screens in the Background. Young attractive blonde haired female woman model wearing a black and whote dress in a public park loooking at her phone and getting some bad and upsetting news on a sunny day in the summer time Stressed woman is standing in office room waiting for job interview expressing negative emotions fear and lack of confidence then walking to interviewer. Insomnia concept. Woman in bed at night can not sleep Medium Shot Woman sleeping in bed Nervous excited adult blond woman in business style suit crossing fingers dreaming about victory, sincerely rejoicing when winning, success symbol. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background Deeply upset frustrated adult blond woman in business style jacket crying hiding face in hands, sorrow, lost of beloved, troubles. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background Sad woman close having headache broken relationships heart break Girl near a faulty car. –°ar on the side of the road with an open hood near which stands a blonde girl in a summer dress, nervously talking on the phone and trying to fix a car breakdown.
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