Bones Stock Video Footage

A physician, surgeon, examines a technological digital holographic plate represented the patient's body, the heart lungs, muscles, bones. Concept: Futuristic medicine, the human body, and the future. Time-lapse of opening bone white Medeo rose 2a1 in Animation format with ALPHA transparency channel isolated on black background, top view
Analysis of Human Male Anatomy Scan on Futuristic Touch Screen Interface showing bones, organs, and neural network activity. Concept: In the Near Future of Medicine and Healthcare. Human Anatomy WALKING with Futuristic Touch Screen Scan Interface in 3D x-ray - LOOP Chef salt grilled meat at stone cutting board. Closeup man hands salting steak in slow motion. Close up hands finishing ready steak. Closeup grill meat dish with vegetables at professional kitchen. Skeleton dancing. Seamless loop animation on green screen. Close-up beauty portrait of young woman with smooth healthy skin, she gently touches her face with her fingers on light grey background and smiles | Skincare concept Tomograph, Patient on magnetic resonance imaging, medical examination Young woman without arm using adjustable bionic prosthetic for the first time. MRI brain scan on black background
Human Avatar WALKING on Virtual 3D Holographic Projection with Futuristic Blue HUD. Male x-ray skeleton scan - LOOP Brain MRI Scan. Blue. 3 videos in 1 file. Animation showing top, front, lateral view and ECG display. Each video is loopable. Medical Background. More options in my portfolio. Elderly female sitting on bed, pressing hands against lower back, backache, health problems. Woman stretching muscles in morning, radiculitis symptom, uncomfortable mattress. Rheumatism, bones pain
Summer BBQ Grill T-Bone Steak T-bone steak on barbecue grill Human scan in a tomograph Chef peppers ready steaks on a plate Doctor Woman Using Digital Tablet. Close Up Multiple MRI video wall. Black and white. Loopable. Locked down. 2 videos in 1 file. Composite video showing multiple MRI images including: head, neck, arm, foot, pelvis, etc. T-Bone steak on grill in slow motion, shot on Phantom Flex 4K MOSCOW, RUSSIA - FEBRUARY 10, 2018. Woman using smartphone with augmented reality app - educational anatomy human body system. Future, medical and technology concept
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