Book Stock Video Footage

Two fit men fight each other on top of a roof and one man punches the other in the face, in a comic book style animation. 4k shot on Alexa camera. Attractive young lady is reading book sitting on windowsill in the house together with adorable puppy. Large window, green plants, nice interior is visible. Hand and book: reading a book and holding your fingers along the lines. A woman's hand holds a book and moves her fingers along the page while reading. The reader of the book holds Stop motion animated paper texture background Vacation woman on inflatable Flamingo float mattress using mobile cell phone in swimming pool. Girl relaxing sunbathing enjoying travel holidays at resort pool in bikini. Luxury lifestyle. Portrait of professional businessman in library smiling gentleman architect professor lecturer Timelapse, books disappear from bookshelves, vintage style Panning shot of teacher assisting children in classroom reading digital tablets / Provo, Utah, United States Close up portrait of young pretty librarian woman smiling happy looking at camera in library bookshelf background knowledge learning Smiling young girl in glasses reading book in library of university Hands typing on computer keyboard, moving camera, business man working on laptop pc in office Wide shot on 8k helium RED camera. Content Italian man sitting on a stone wall, writing in his book and looking out at the beautiful scenic landscape in Tuscany, on soft overcast day. Little boy and girl jumping holding hands on the couch. Little boy and girl with their mother spending time together. Mother with kids having fun on sofa in the living room. Sister and brother. Happy The man in his glasses speaks on the phone fluttering the book interior design. Something is looking for. Design Business. Enthusiastic. Design, abstract. Shot on RED Epic Camera. Portrait shot of the cute blond schoolboy in glasses reading a book attentively while standing in the library passage in sunlight. Young handsome man sitting on public transport reading a book - commuter, student, knowledge concept. Young man with headphones in the tram reading a book A beautiful young woman studying in a happy and carefree library reading the book. Concept: educational, portrait, library, and studious, relax. Artists hands drawing wooden pencil writes line on paper. Bright student collecting information from different books, cute girl in green sweater and headphones around neck gathering data for the paper, indoor shot at brown library table Close up of the old gray haired man in glasses blowing a dust from a book in the library before reading it. Back view shot of handsome young student walking between book shelf. Happy boy student searches for his book in library. Slow motion
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