Bookstore Stock Video Footage

Close up portrait attractive young man laughing enjoying successful lifestyle achievement cheerful caucasian male in library bookshelf background college education Portrait shot of the good looking Caucasian young woman standing in front of the camera and laughing. Young woman choose books on shelf Close up portrait of attractive business man looking relaxed. Calm mature entrepreneur in bookshelf background Old books on the shelf. AMASYA/TURKEY Portrait of smiling beautiful woman in library 1 Close up portrait beautiful young girl student smiling happy enjoying successful education lifestyle cute female teenager freckles slow motion Portrait of smiling beautiful student standing in library. Bookcase bookshelves in background African american young couple of the office co-workers sitting at the computer and discussing their work at the office. Indoor Old books on the shelf. AMASYA/TURKEY PARIS, FRANCE - JAN 28, 2016: Amazon logotype printed on cardboard box side, seen from above on a wooden floor - slow rotation. Amazon Inc is the an American electronic e-commerce company Letters flying out of an open book Turning pages of old book with a magic dust against a black background. Loop. Young attractive woman student in glasses turning pages in a book she took from books on the shelves in the library. Portrait. Close up. Inside Book pages turning Concept learning and knowledge. Bookstore shelves with book stacks in bookstore Portrait successful african american businessman turns head smiling enjoying professional lifestyle success in library bookshelf background slow motion Bookshelves in university library with lots of books Loopable animation of book's page turning. Perfect for learning, wisdom and book related videos. Book pages flipping Close up portrait attractive young business woman looking serious successful independent female entrepreneur wearing stylish fashion slow motion
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