Botanical Stock Video Footage

Drone Aerial view 4k Footage Of Gardens By The Bay, Flying Towards Skyline Singapore. Marina Bay In Singapore. Closeup the motion of shadow palm leaves on a white wall background. Blue Lily flower blooming, opening its blossom. Epic time lapse. Wonderful nature. Futuristic world Closeup the motion of shadow palm leaves on a white wall background. Woman hand touching softly the moss on the wall in the tropical rainforest . Narcissus. Blooming of beautiful white and yellow flowers on black background, Daffodil. Timelapse. 4K Realistic forest overlay for you videos with Alpha Channel. It also has wind animation for 0:06 seconds and seamlessly loops.

30 fps - Alpha Channel - Seamless looping - 1920x1080 4K timelapse daffodil (narcissus) flowers blooming flourishing on natural background High quality 10bit footage of tree on the wind isolated on white background.  Best for compositing. Made from 14bit RAW
Stunning nature of amazonian forests. close-up of a palm leaf. Bright juicy exotic tropical greens in the jungle forest equatorial climate. Background with unusual plant foliage swaying. Natural texture with juicy leaves. Sunlight on the palm leaf. Flower Corner Frame appearing composition. Leaves and flowers grow and bloom. Dynamic and bright pattern. 3D Render. Valentine Day, Mother Day animated template. Abstract Spring or Summer 4K Animation Beautiful little asian girl and boy sister and brother running on flagstone path through flower blossom in park AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2017 - Extreme close up of a crimson topaz gorget hummingbird hovering in slow motion. 3d render, round floral wreath, growing flowers, blush rose background, paper flowers, blooming botanical pattern, bouquet, papercraft, pastel color, 4k animation Summer concept of abstract blurred background. Sun getting through trees foliage. Slow motion shot Young female florist with ponytail in apron walking among rows of flowers in flower shop or greenhouse while holding two pots with plants. She is arranging these pots on the shelf with other plants Plants growing time lapse Most famous trees of Hawaii. Tree with huge roots. Large buttresses and plant root in handheld gimbal shot. Natural plants in tropical botanical garden. Moreton Bay Fig tree. Drone ascent circle star flower bed  plants  park modern lanscape design famous landmark soigne garden plants pattern . People tourists walk Vietnam Da Lat sight Sunny day. Aerial ascent AERIAL VIEW: Flight over the sunflower field in sunset.
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