Brooklyn Bridge Stock Video Footage

Camera follows young woman with backpack walking along Brooklyn Bridge, New York on a beautiful sunny summer day 4K. Brooklyn Bridge in NY. Financial District. Manhattan / Epic and Cinematic Aerial / Drone Shot / New York / 05.05.2017 Aerial view of the Brooklyn bridge through the East river to Manhattan district in New York, America. NEW YORK CITY - FEB 2, 2018: Brooklyn Bridge aerial over American flag toward Freedom Tower Manhattan skyline in NYC. The famous suspension bridge is one of the oldest roadway bridges in the US. The famous New York yellow cab rides over the bridge. View from the taxi window Motion time lapse hyperlapse of Manhattan bridge from Washington street, Brooklyn, New York, USA New York City downtown skyline from subway train window Aerial view of downtown Manhattan near the Upper Bay towards the Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, dark sunset light in winter. Wide shot. 4k shot with a RED camera. Back view of beautiful girl with hair blowing in the wind leaning against river embankment fence near Brooklyn Bridge 4K An aerial shot of New York City's skyline at sunset. Shot during the summer of 2016 4k. The camera flies over The East River looking towards Manhattan. AERIAL: Beautiful view of iconic downtown New York skyscrapers, office buildings and Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges across East River. Amazing New York City skyline cityscape on a gorgeous sunny day Aerial view of the Financial District. Famous Skyscrapers in Lower Manhattan. Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge in the background. New York City, United States. Shot from a helicopter.

New York City time lapse from above the East River. Travel. Girl is traveling in New York. pick up taxi. making selfie. making pictures, navigation. view on city Back view woman with dark hair blowing in the wind riding a bicycle along a beautiful bike lane at Brooklyn Bridge, NYC. Young attractive woman walking on the Brooklyn Bridge Looking out the window of a New York City subway train in motion going over the Manhattan Bridge. Cinematic, hand-held POV shot. New York City, May 2017. Manhattan bridge seen through buildings in Brooklyn. Manhattan Bridge Motion Timelapse. The camera moves to the famous bridge from Brooklyn. You can key sky for your background Architecture and engineering. The unique design of the Brooklyn bridge in New York. Dolly shot Manhattan Bridge sunrise timelapse made from Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York City (4k)
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