Bucket Excavator Stock Video Footage

Aerial top down view of an excavator loading crushed stone into a dump truck in a crushed stone quarry A large bucket-wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine aerial view A large bucket-wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine aerial view Excavator in action at the construction site. Stock footage. Bottom view of excavator flipping the bucket of yellow color loaded with sand on blue cloudy sky background. Heavy construction equipment store. excavator, bulldozer, grader, front loader. Aerial view A large bucket wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine , Germany (aerial photography) The blade of a bulldozer digging the ground close-up A large bucket excavator loads coal into a large dump truck 3 Silhouette of an excavator that loads sand into a truck at sunset. Concept construction and heavy industry, machine will be used in heavy industry business. Slow motion footage. Heavy Mining Machine that Extracts Coal Bucket Wheel Excavator Aerial Drone Long Shot Open Pit Mine Earth moving equipment. Yellow excavator digging the ground. Excavator bucket scoops up the soil on nature background. Slow motion. An Industrial Excavator On An Open Road Section Loads Rock And Earth On A Very Large Dump Truck, Loaded With Ore .The Excavator Bucket Drips And Loads The Ore.Panorama Of Construction Works.
Excavator working on construction site Bulldozer charging shovel with sand and transporting to pile, close up, excavator creating heap at  construction site. Separating ground. Slow motion shot in the dusk. Excavator scoop loads a dump truck Bucket-wheel excavator in open-cast mining pit in Germany Miner or gold digger breaking rock by digging axe . Close up of pickaxe hitting rocks .  Shot on RED EPIC DRAGON Cinema Camera in slow motion. A large bucket-wheel excavator in a lignite (brown-coal) mine Sunset aerial view Crawler excavator working at the construction site. Construction machinery for excavating, loading, lifting and hauling of cargo on job sites. Aerial top view, 4K Video Top aerial shot: tractor bucket is filling a truck body. A excavator and truck are loading soil. Preparing place to construction residential house. 4K Iron ore quarry open pit mining. Aerial view of excavators and machinery are loading ore into dump truck in quarry. Large industrial quarry
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