Burned Down Stock Video Footage

Top Down Shot of a Gas Stove Being Turned On. Shot on RED Epic 4K UHD Camera. Old  cinematic tape. Campfire group of friends sitting down and drinking tea or some hot drinks , from metallic cups , they are very charismatic. 4K Old Tv Film Look Overlay - Old film look effect with a lot of dirt, light leaks, grainy texture, film flash, film burns, vintage white background realistic flickering Deforestation environmental problem. Cutting down and burning rainforest. A lit match is fall down and ignites the gasoline. Blue wave at the forefront of fire go to meet. S-log - High Dynamic Range. Slow motion, high speed camera, 250fps High Tech Flare Wipes (30fps). A series of multi-directional high-tech motion graphic lens flare wipes coming from up-down, left-right, and diagonal for use as a transition effect in editing. SLOW MOTION: Sparkler burning down in the dark. High speed camera (120fps) Low aerial flight over bare logged forest floor An aerial shot of the destruction of a forest fire in the Olympic Mountains in Washington State. Countdown Leader Graphic 10 - 0, With Film Burn & Rolling Effect, Grayscale Deforestation. Rainforest environment cut down and burned for palm oil industry Chili Peppers and Spices in Flames Flying up and Falling down in Slow Motion. Shot with High Speed Camera, Phantom Flex 4K. Airplane Wheel Landing on Tarmac, View from Window, 4K Explosion of an incandescent lamp or ligh bulb. Small pieces of glass fly apart in different directions. The effect of slowing down the time after the explosion. Problem solving concept. Match iginiting burning extreme macro close up background. A beautiful flame burns a match slowly. Macro extreme close up shot AERIAL TOP DOWN Blue sports car speed driving in circles, drifting and preforming burnout in roundabout junction. Reckless street racer driving racecar with handbrake skidding and sliding on asphalt Fire on flare stack at offshore oil and gas central processing platform while burning toxic and release over pressure from process emergency shut down. 4K footage with environment sound. Sunset over mountain with duck birds flying Countdown Leader vintage countdown 10 - 0. 4K Countdown Leader Graphic. Old film effect with detailed lines, scratches and grain glitch Old  cinematic tape.
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