Calf Stock Video Footage

Slow motion close up of an young male farmer is pouring a fresh milk to filling a can on a dairy farm on a background  of the cows in a sunny day. Slow motion of people wake up and leave bed in the morning Male escort humpback whale protecting mother and calf during migration season 17% slow motion of a young humpback whale emerging from underwater and breaching at merimbula in new south wales, australia Close-up aerial view of a breeding herd of elephants walking in the marshy grasslands of the Okavango Delta, Botswana Farmer woman pouring raw milk into container tank milking in dairy farm. career agriculture. Slow Motion. Real cow's milk farm Asia Thailand Modern farm barn with milking cows eating hay/Cows feeding on dairy farm/Cows in cowshed/Calf feeding on farm/Livestock on farm/Tractor in farm barn/Agriculture industry/Milk farm Herd of cows grazing in the dappled morning sunlight in a field in Iceland. cows in sunset. Modern farm barn with milking cows eating hay/Cows feeding on dairy farm/Cows in cowshed/Calf feeding far, Farmer is working on the farm with calves. RAW video record. African Elephants herd feeding. Baby elephants, Elephant calf portrait close up. Family of Elephants on the Move. Elephant Gathering. Wildlife in savanna, Big Ivory, Tanzania, Kenya, Africa, POV Swimming With Whales. Mother and Calf Humpback Whales in Hawaii. Humpback whales calf approaches the camera and plays Blue Whale Green Screen Loop Side Ocean Sea 3D Rendering Animation Elephant mother and calf Slow motion of people wake up and go to door enjoy the morning Incredible footage of newly born baby elephant being helped to stand by its mother Calf drinking cows milk from bucket. Farmer calf feeding with milk from bucket. Close up young calf on dairy farm. Cows breeding at rural farming. Livestock feed Close up of woman's legs in sneakers. GIrl goes down the city stairs. Slow motion. Slow motion:Camera follow hiker's feet on top of the mountain.Close up hiker walking down the valley on sunset.Follow adventurer in magical sunset light on wild mountain.Outdoor activity.Holiday relax Close-up of humpback whale calf with mother underwater ocean. Idyll and harmony of family life of huge calm marine animals Megaptera Novaeangliae whale in pure transparent water of Reunion island. Calf looks at the camera. Cow farm in the morning
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