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A flock of canada geese flying in v-formation, starting in the distance and flying over the camera, with green background. Flock of canada geese flying in a v-formation on a green background for compositing onto your footage. Includes three individual geese at different angles, for creating your own flock. Slow Motion Aerial of Geese Flying in Sunny Fog Haze Over Farm Field Canada Geese Birds fly in a flock over ocean water very low, migration of wild ducks The Canada goose is a large wild goose species native to arctic regions of North America. Extremely successful at living in human-altered areas, they are well known as a common park species. Canada Geese In Flight Geese In Flight Canada Geese In Flight The family of Canadian geese crosses a road, clip is 5:15 second long. Geese flying over frozen lake and mountains, Banff, NP, Canada Canada Geese grazing on green meadow. In one of the parks in Buffalo, United States Geese In Flight. Canada Geese Canada Geese A flock of wild Geese flying in the sky close-up - shoot travel zoom lens. Free flight bird flocks of migrating geese. Migratory birds stayed. Barnacle goose and white-fronted goose. A point of view drive through Toronto, Canada traffic Canada geese flying in formation at sunset Canada Geese Taking Off Canada Geese,flock of birds in flight - Doxey Marshes, Staffordshire - August 2014: British Countryside Natural Backgrounds - 01761149 Canada Goose ( Branta canadensis ) Preening on a Lake in Winter
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