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AERIAL, TOP DOWN: Dark colored car driving down an asphalt road crossing the vast forest on a sunny summer day. People on relaxing drive through the idyllic woods in picturesque Slovenian countryside. Lens flare with Flight over Mayan Mountains in Central American Jungles Aerial footage of rainforest. Jungle rain forest and clouds Aerial Top Down Flyover Shot of Winter Spruce and Pine Forest. Trees Covered with Snow, Rising / Setting Sun Touches Tree Tops on a Beautiful Sunny Day. Shot on 4K UHD Camera. Bright rays of hazy sunshine illuminate bright green leaves as they filter through the canopy and branches of the forest. Video 4k 4K AERIAL: Flying above beautiful lush green jungle with palm trees and dense acacia trees growing on big mountains on tropical island in sunny summer Silhouette the group of workers working at a construction site.Construction workers work in preparation for binding rebar and concrete work Aerial drone footage of the rainforest at Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia Sheer white curtains blowing in the wind Looking up at a circle of redwood trees, timelapse clouds, full moon Video 1080p - Crowns of trees with bright afternoon sun and rays. Drone footage of Borneo rain forest moving through the jungle The spring sun gently shining through the fresh green branches of a large beech tree Sun rays light shines through trees and branches of jungle forest canopy. Beautiful background of exotic tropical flora and green vegetation in rainforest Panning shot of treetops in autumn, with falling leaves and the sun shining through the foliage A Drone / Aerial Shot Over A Tropical Rain forest Canopy At Sunrise (Mary Cairncross, Queensland. Australia) A Beautiful Drone / Aerial Shot Over A Tropical Rainforest Canopy At Sunrise (Mary Cairncross, Queensland. Australia) In 4K Virgin mangrove forest in Sri Lanka with exotic vegetation on river banks. Thick dense thicket of trees and roots in flooded swamp area. Foliage of canopy reflecting in river water surface CLOSE UP: Sunbeams shining through lush green leaves on branches in tree canopies. Warm spring sun shining through green foliage in apple tree orchard. Sunrays peaking through fresh leaves AERIAL CLOSE UP: Distancing from stunning acacia tree canopy at dramatic, golden light, bonfire-red and sunflame-gold sunset in breathtaking African savannah grassland woodland in pristine wilderness AERIAL: Flying above the stunning colorful treetops with turning leaves on sunny day. Beautiful autumn trees in yellow, orange and red forest on sunny autumn day. Fall foliage in autumn forest
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