Capitalism Stock Video Footage

"Love your Mother Earth" Poster on a Demonstration due to Climate Change. Activism against capitalism. Strong message on a march. Animation of zoom in to close-up of Ben Franklin smiling and winking on US one hundred dollar bill. Meets regulatory requirements for public domain usage per 31 CFR 411. There is NO copyright issue. CIRCA 1950 - Steel sheets are packaged and delivered to another factory, where they are cut and molded into saucepans. Bogota, Colombia, time lapse view of Bogota cityscape on a sunny day. Bogota is the capital of Colombia and one of the largest cities in South America. Wall Street sign with American flags purposely blurred in background, HD video Supermarket Aisle Slow Motion. Slow motion of a shopping cart in the supermarket aisle with products and people NYC midtown Manhattan looking up skyscrapers dark winter sky gloomy gothic Defocused Activists on a Demonstration due to Climate Change. USA, New York City, Manhattan, Times Square, Anti-Capitalism Demonstration from Occupy Wall Street Illuminated stock market ticker LONDON, UK - 13 JULY 2016: Slow motion (1/4 speed) video footage of shoppers on London's busy Oxford Street shopping district on a wet day with a shop frontage advertising a sale in the background. Stock market tickers financial Dow Jones index digital electronic display billboard in Shanghai, China, 4K, from RAW October 2016

Stock Exchange ticker numbers changing in a blue environment Commuters Crossing Street in Business District at Rush Hour Traffic. Economy Community Network Population Growth Concept Background ATHENS, GREECE - JULY 7TH, 2015: Citizens line up to use an ATM outside the Alpha Bank, on July 7th, 2015, in Athens, Greece. A withdraw limit of 60 euros per day allowed by the capital controls. One hundred dollar bills falling through air Metro Manila time lapse, looking over Makati city skyline at sunset, Philippines. A daytime establishing shot of a blank mall style building entrance International political, financial and economic crisis,world war, military, apocalypse concept. Loopable video. Silhouette of USA Statue of Liberty on dark background with flashing lightning storm. New York, USA - July 5, 2016: Time lapse view of Times Square at night, famously adorned with flashy billboards and advertisements, in Manhattan, New York City, United States. NEW YORK CITY, USA - APRIL 23, 2013 NYC Stock Exchange Market Shares Ticker New York City Banking Investment Trade, Nasdaq ( Ultra High Definition, Ultra HD, UHD, 4K, 2160P, 4096x2160 )
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