Car Accident Stock Video Footage

Car Crash Traffic Accident: Paramedics and Firefighters Rescue Injured Trapped Victims. Medics give First Aid to a Shocked Female Passenger Stretchers. Firemen Use Hydraulic Cutters Spreader Aerial View: Rescue Team of Firefighters and Paramedics Work on a Car Crash Traffic Accident Scene. Preparing Equipment, First Aid Help. Saving Injured and Trapped People from the Burning Vehicle Rescue Team of Firefighters Arrive on the Car Crash Traffic Accident Scene on their Fire Engine. Firemen Grab their Equipment, Prepare Fire Hoses and Gear from Fire Truck. In Slow Motion Team of EMS Paramedics in Disposable Coverall Suits Provide Medical Help to Injured Patient on the Way to Hospital. Emergency Care Assistants Putting On Non-Invasive Ventilation Mask in an Ambulance. The girl is sad for driving a car, a model of a hipster in the car, Melancholy Police Patrol Car at Scene of Emergency (Optical Lens Defocus) 4K UHD Smoke from wrecked car with fire engine in the background. Car accident. High quality 4k footage Smoke from wrecked car with fire engine in the background. Car accident. Dolly in. High quality 4k footage Young upset woman standing at broken car searching for repair service on smartphone worrying in stress. Car accident. Car trouble. Injured Mother and Young Daughter Reunite After Terrible Car Crash Traffic Accident, They Hug Happily. In the Background Through Smoke and Fire, Courageous Paramedics and Firefighters Save Lives Parallel Moving Footage of an Ambulance Vehicle with Working Strobe Light and Signal Driving to Emergency Call on a City Urban Street at Night. Emergency Paramedics Rescue Van with Medical Cross Logo. Police cars at night. Police car chasing a car at night with fog background. 911 Emergency response police car speeding to scene of crime. Selective focus Car Crash Traffic Accident: Paramedics and Firefighters Plan Rescuing Passengers Trapped in a Rollover Vehicle. Medics Prepare First Aid Equipment, Firemen Use Hydraulic Cutters Spreader Horrific Traffic Accident Rollover Smoking and Burning Vehicle Lying on its Roof in the Middle of the Road after Collision. Daytime Crash Scene with Damaged Car. Shot In Black and White Young bearded business man sitting in car very upset and stressed after hard failure and moving in traffic jam On the Car Crash Traffic Accident Scene: Rescue Team of Firefighters Pull Female Victim out of Rollover Vehicle, They Use Stretchers Carefully, Hand Her Over to Paramedics who Perform First Aid Sad businessman standing speak on phone near the broken car opened the hood road help repair stress problem emergency insurance auto slow motion Automatic braking system avoid car crash from car accident. Concept for driver assistance systems. Autonomous car. Driverless car. Self driving vehicle. Future concepts smart auto. HUD, GUI, hologram Horrific Scene of the Car Crash Traffic Accident: Brave Firefighter Carries Injured Young Girl to Safety. In the Background Courageous Paramedics and Firemen Save Lifes, Fight Fire and Smoke Male hands signing car insurance contract. concept: car insurance, car sales, garages, rental and alarm systems Insurance concept. Female insurance agent inspects damage to a man's car and makes notes on a tablet computer, during discussion with man. Woman with digital tablet inspecting broken car. 4K UHD.
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