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Car service worker welds and repairs an exhaust pipe of a car. Close-up welding work on a lifted car. View from the back. Mechanic welds the bottom of the car. Young woman with legs sticking out of moving car, back view Funny dog in sunglasses looks out of the window of a car that rides in a typical US suburb Showcase car dealership with cars. Sale of a cars at a luxury car dealership. Man looks through the window of a car dealership, chooses a new car. View from the back. Concept car aerodynamics test in wind tunnel, side view Pizza delivery man delivers five pizzas. Searching right address. Sunny day, blue sky and clouds. Gives the thumbs-up to the camera. View from the bottom. Front view of a farmer on a red tractor plowing the dusty arid soil. The farm car is followed by hungry birds. Agribusiness in the spring Girl tourist looks at a map using a magnifier while sitting in a car and sticking his legs out the window against the backdrop of the mountains An Asian man drives a car along the highway, the setting sun shines in the windshield. Back view Telephoto shot of city street crowded with cars stuck in traffic jam on a hot day, seen through hot air turbulence. Los Angeles, California. 4K UHD, slow motion. Child reflecting in the window, glass. Close-up shot of a kid looking out of the window in train. Close-up back side view. Traveling by train. The boy looks at running landscape. Spring, autumn time. Young black couple dancing in car as they drive, back view Concept sports car racing through a foggy road at high speed. Endless, seamless pine trees environment. Slick, luxurious super car with very bright headlights lighting the road ahead. Back view. Mum turning around to speak to kids in the back of the car Car burns rubber off its tires in preparation for the race. Footage. Slow motion video of sport vehicles right back wheel the tire burns against the asphalt with smoke Kids run to join parents admiring view on jetty, slow motion Reflection in back view mirror of man in protective medical mask driving car through city during outbreak of dangerous disease around world. Male in vehicle on town Front view two attractive girls driving a car through city on sunny day. Two siblings friendly sisters having fun doing dancing moves into music while sitting inside the car. Mother turns around to her children on the back seat of car Driving a Car towards Grand Teton, back light, Point of View - Mounted 2.7k Ultra HD footage A female riding a car and holding her hand out of the window. Her hair is flying in the wing. Close view. Back view
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