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BELARUS, BORISOV - AUGUST 7, 2019: Automobile plant, modern production of cars, car body welding process, robots at work, build process in automated production line. Automotive Engineer Working on Electric Car Chassis Platform, Using Tablet Computer with Augmented Reality 3D Software. Innovative Facility: Vehicle Frame with Wheels Becomes a Solid Virtual Model. Robotic line at the automobile plant. Robot manipulators collect and weld car bodies Spot welding of car part held in the car-making factory. Automobile factory, car production, auto production line. Female and Male Engineers are Discussing the 3D CAD Software Render of an Electric Concept Car. High Tech Laboratory with a Prototype Vehicle Chassis. Several factory workers welding a car body at a car factory Car Assembly Plant in Chengdu, China - September 19, 2014. Chengdu economic growth. State-level economic and technological development zone of Chengdu. Automotive Engineer Working on Electric Car Chassis Platform, Using Tablet Computer with Augmented Reality 3D Software. Vehicle Virtual Mesh Model is Tested in Digital Wind Tunnel. Welding robots movement in a car factory Time Lapse Robotic Arm Assembles Parts for a Car. Automobile factory interior. Black colored car body on a car assembly line. Industrial plant, industrial workers at, automobile factory, car production factory facility. 4K Portrait beautiful smiling female welder in metalwork shop. Slow motion. Car service worker welds and repairs an exhaust pipe of a car. Close-up welding work on a lifted car. View from the back. Mechanic welds the bottom of the car. Mockup of Electric Vehicle: Automotive engineers working on design of Detailed Electric Car using futuristic transparent screens. High-tech facility. Hologram of full car appears on top of chassis. Automotive factory in China. View of the assembly shop, industrial robots collect equipment Female Automobile Engineer Using Digital Tablet with Augmented Reality Analyses Electric Engine Prototype. Innovative Facility: Vehicle Frame with Graphics Showing Motor Parts, Torque and Infographics Aerial view of the parked new cars at the automotive plant Engineer Wearing Augmented Reality Headset Chooses Body for New Electric Car Concept. 3D Graphics Visualization Shows Vehicle Frame Developing in Real Time into Futuristic Concept Automobile plant, modern production of cars, man and woman engineers discuss car production, assembly line of cars.
BELARUS, BORISOV - OCTOBER 19, 2017: Automobile plant, robot equipment, welding process, modern production of cars, automated production line, car body assembly process, October 19 in Belarus.
Factory Worker Grinds Metal Construction using angle grinder. Bright Golden Sparks comes out, Heavy Manual Work at Modern Steel Making Industry. Slow Motion.
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