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Young man giving keys of car to buyer. Men shaking hands in beautiful car dealership on background of bought cars. Male hand gives a car keys to famale hand in the car dealership close up. Unrecognized auto seller and a woman who bought a vehicle shake hands. A billboard with green chroma key on a background of a city night landscape of fast moving cars with long exposure. Time Lapse video. Starting and Stopping the Power of an Electric Car Large billboard with a green screen for advertising, on the modern building, busy crossroad with neon lights, timelapse of traffic, Tokyo, Japan Young happy woman receiving car keys to her new automobile Green screen of advertising billboard and traffic on expressway of twilight in Bangkok, Thailand. time lapse. Close-up shot of a man putting his car keys into socket and starting the engine. Man's hand with car keys. Igniting car. A billboard with green chroma key on the background of fast moving cars at sunset. 4K Time Lapse video Salesman transmitting keys to young couple in car dealership A hand holding a smartphone with green blank screen in the car for direction, massage, location, business. Man sits in modern car and works on smartphone - green screen - closeup. Chroma key. Pressing the button to start the car engine. Then camera zooming to a moving v8 engine in flames. A trip on a night rural road Modern billboard with a green screen on a busy highway with traffic, neon lights, timelapse of traffic at night, Moscow, Russia Girls walking down the street at night, Billboard template, green screen Advertising Billboard with green screen and traffic at night, for advertisement, time lapse. Seller of machines giving keys to buyer. Men shaking hands each other in car dealership, making purchase deal on background of beautiful car. Woman gets the car key from seller - satisfied - trade closed - new car in the background Blank green screen advertising billboard on street at night with traffic time lapse, useful for chroma keying Car Showroom. Vehicle Dealer Showing Young Man New Car. Auto business, car sale, technology and people concept - happy male with car dealer in auto show or salon. Young man with a salesman in a motor Street bilboard advert - green key
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