Carbon Stock Video Footage

Panoramic aerial footage of a huge network of flyovers, junctions, intersections, roads, bridges etc in Zhengzhou, urban China. Abstract Surface Wave, 3d Loopable Animation 4k Super Slow Motion Shot of Coal Explosion Isolated On Black Background at 1000 fps. Super Slow Motion Shot of Glowing Coal and Fire Sparks Isolated on Black Background at 1000fps. Meat production, aerial above grass-fed angus beef cattle in meadow, farm and sunset in distance Billowing steam from smoke stack filling sky, super slow motion close up Industrial emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere global warming Overhead Drone Shot Of Highway Eight colourful tilted diamonds rotating on a colourful glassy background. Looping animation. London / United Kingdom (UK) - 09 20 2019: Young girl shouts through a megaphone at a protest Air pollution smoke from car exhaust pipe. Shot in 4k resolution Automobile exhaust tube with gases. Enviroment pollution. slow motion Air Pollution From Industrial Plants. Large Plant on the Background of the City. Pipes Throwing Smoke in the Sky Aerial View Old Rusty Carbonic Industry On Seaside, Liljeholmen Stockholm Sweden Japanese Development Engineer in Blue Shirt is Soldering a Circuit Board in a High Tech Research Laboratory with Modern Equipment. His Colleague Asks Him a Questio and Points on the Compter Screen. Coal close-up. Panorama of pile of coal in slow motion. Carbon concept in 4k. Shiny pile of anthracite on white background. Stone ore close-up in slow motion. Natural minerals JAKARTA, INDONESIA - APRIL 2017: Commuters are stuck in slow moving traffic in Jakarta, Indonesia Short Fog Swirling Clip Ultra Slow Motion Abstract Surface Wave, 3d Loopable Animation 4k Glass of carbonated beer casting shadow on wooden table. Carbonic acid bubbles are visible in the glass and in the shadow Air carbon arc cutting at the metal construction factory in a super slow motion. A lot of red-hot sparks flies around. Dangerous work at the metal workshop. Heavy industry and metalwork
/ 1773