Cerebral Stock Video Footage

Physiotherapist and kid walking in rehabilitation center. Doctor supports a children with cerebral palsy during physiotherapy treatment. High quality 4k footage Human brain detailed model, neocortex, limbic system, reptilian brain, spinal cord 3D animation An animated simulation of a blood clot occurring in the brain, causing damage. Professional Doctors Analyzing Human Brain Anatomy Scan on Futuristic Touch Screen Interface showing neurons, MRI scans, neural network activity and data. Concept: In the Near Future of Medicine Girl with Cerebral palsy using her walker for mobility Black girl with Cerebral Palsy walking in the park with her assistive device Disabled woman with cerebral palsy makes fingers Victory sign and smiles waving hand sitting in wheelchair expressing equality of people with disabilities. Human brain detailed model, neocortex, limbic system, reptilian brain, spinal cord 3D animation Child with cerebral palsy on physiotherapy in a children therapy center. Boy with disability has therapy by doing exercises with physiotherapists in rehabitation centre. High quality 4k footage Human head and brain with neurons flashing. Electric impulses. Biology. Loopable. Dolly in from a 3D human head to a brain with neurons during synapse. More options in my portfolio. Hemorrhagic stroke. 3D animation of hemorrhage and brain damage Disabled child is playing, learning and exercising in rehabilitation therapy hospital, Lifestyle of a child with disability. Happy disability kid concept . Portrait of a baby with cerebral palsy lying on his belly and playing at home. Special needs child. Handicapped baby boy close-up. Close-up of positive teen boys with cerebral palsy having fun talking while sitting in wheelchairs next to each other, two disabled women communicating on background by window Top View Brain With Alpha Matte. Neurological Diseases, Tumors And Brain Surgery	
Happy child on the mat in child rehabilitation center. Boy with cerebral palsy smiling. Rehabilitation and inclusion kindergarten, day care. Disabled boy siting in vertical position Zooming out from Neural Pathways into the Brain in Full Frame Futuristic human brain interface concept. Brain scan technology. Neurosurgery diagnostic Brain Cancer, head with tumor inside brain with blood vessels, 3d animation Activities for kids with disabilities. Preschool Activities for Children with Special Needs. Mom is playing with Boy with Cerebral Palsy in special chair at home. Cerebral angiogram of Basilar artery for diagnosis  cerebral artery aneurysms and cerebral artery disease such as atherosclerosis (plaque).
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