Clean Stock Video Footage

Solar power plant and Windmills aerial view. Renewable energy. Green tech. Modern Factory: Team of Engineers and Scientists in Clean Sterile Coveralls Work on Desktop Computers, Use Microscope, Developing Solutions for High-Tech Medical Vaccine Research Ecology solar power station panels in the fields green energy at sunset landscape electrical innovation nature environment slow motion Close up of young engineer hand is checking the operation of sun and cleanliness of photovoltaic solar panels on a sunset. Concept.renewable energy, technology, electricity, service, green, future. Camera pulls back through rotating blades of a wind turbine in an offshore wind farm in the sea against low sun. Green and renewable energy concept. Realistic high quality 3d animation. Aerial shot expensive luxury sport car SUV driving on the sunny clean road highway to mountains. Joy future packshot Top view of drop falls into water and diverging circles of water on white background in slow motion Wind turbines at sunrise in heavy fog. Wind farm generating green energy Generic electric car driving along a bridge or coastal highway with wind turbines in background. Realistic 3d animation. 3D animated bar graphs and pie charts slick, clean, elegant white on blue background. Great for corporate presentations Environment protection concept. Renewable energy. Sustainable development goals. Father and son with windmills on golden hillside at sunset, dreaming of a clean and sustainable future for generations to come, heart warming uplifting picture of clean energy for the environment A shot under the hatch where the electric eco car charges Electric car dashboard display. Electric Car Charging Indicating the Progress of the Charging, electric vehicle battery indicator showing an increasing battery charge Hand touching water in the forest river or lake. People travel enjoying nature and life concept. Modern city and environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs. Teamwork cleaning plastic on the beach. Volunteers collect trash in a trash bag. Plastic pollution and environmental problem concept. Voluntary cleaning of nature from plastic. Greening the planet Environmental technology concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs. Multiethnic staff in facial masks preparing restaurant for reopening after quarantine. Young waiters in aprons protective masks and gloves arranging furniture in cafe before open Aerial view Electric Car Driving on Country Road. Luxury modern vehicle riding fast along trees and fields. Cinematic drone shot flying over gravel road with trees at sunset Coronavirus pandemic prevention wash hands with soap warm water rubbing fingers washing frequently or using hand sanitizer gel.
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