Cobblestone Stock Video Footage

Paving stones on the square on which people are walking. Texture of paving stones. Slow circular movement on the stones of a paved street. Sidewalk made of paving stones in a city park. 4k, footage, horizontal video, top view, close-up Walking along Vicar's Close, the oldest inhabited street in Europe, top down view of historic cobbled street of cobblestones in Wells, Somerset England RYE, circa 2020 - Slow motion POV walk along the picturesque Mermaid Street in Rye, East Sussex, UK with impressive Tudor houses and cobblestone Old cobblestone pavement covered with moss
EDINBURGH, circa 2020 - Walking along the famous West Bow and Victoria street, a popular venue with traditional shops and an icon of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK Person Walking Down The Cobblestone Ground In Warsaw, Poland. POV Looking Down On An Antique Stone Flooring In The Streets Of Warsaw, Poland. - panning Floating over cobblestone Vintage cobblestone street with classic lanterns and rainy weather. Old road with many puddles of water. Climatic dense fog during a cold night. Endless, seamless looping animation.
4K Details with hands of a mason working with cobblestone . Construction worker laying paving slabs on the street. Engineer on protective gloves makes the sidewalk , hitting stone with hammer 
Rain falling and pooling on a cobblestone side walk or street Typical portuguese cobblestone pavement in Lisbon Portugal 4k Cobblestone square in an old European city. Reflection of lights of cars in puddle during rain. Gloomy day in Prague, Czech Republic. Colle di Val d'Elsa, Tuscany, Italy. August 2020. POV film walking in the alleys of the historic center: enchanting glimpses of medieval times full of charm, you advance along the paving. Type of ancient cobblestone pavement cover on the ground in a close-up view. An example of the use of stones in paving paths and squares. Cobblestone square in an old European city. Runner's legs during a morning workout in the city. Footage of a river getting out on a cobblestone road in a city. Location: River Seine in Paris. Cividale del Friuli, Italy. May 5, 2021.  panoramic view of Piazza Paolo Diacono with the fountain in the center
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