Cold Stock Video Footage

Two friends on summer vacation or holiday run on wooden boardwalk on alpine mountain lake, jump into cold fresh clean water to get refreshed in heat, natural outdoor lifestyle Flying through the clouds above mountain tops. High peaks wonderful morning sunrise natural Landscape Close up woman hand touching water waves splashing tourist enjoying boat ride Goosebumps close up. Hair on the hand stand up and falls. Skin reaction to cold, fear, or good music. Horripilation on skin. Water splash circle swirl background 4k video in black background Large and small snow snowflakes winter holiday christmas against black Isolated falling snow on green screen Explosion of water on black background Recovering Little Child Lying in the Hospital Bed Sleeping, Mother Holds Her Hand Comforting. Focus on the Hands. Emotional Family Moment. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera. Water circle looping with reflections on black background, Water Splash Spinning flow, Liquid Wave shape from crystal nature water and bubble drop. Alpha matte, slow motion, rapid, seamless loop, cg. Chunk of glacier collapsing into the lake Argentino on the patagonian region. Slow motion. Portrait of cute girl in headphones holds the handrail, listening to music and browsing on mobile phone in public transport. City lights background Slow motion of falling snow. Blurred winter background. Snowing dream. Winter cold weather Splashes of water on a black background alpha channel splashes liquid, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte. Beer is pouring into angled glass. IPA on tap. Cold Light Beer in a glass with water drops. Craft Beer forming waves close up. Freshness and froth. Bar background. Microbrewery craft beer. SLOW MOTION, MACRO, DOF: Yellow droplet of sunflower oil falls into a sink full of water. Detailed slow motion shot of a shiny drop of oil creating a ripple after falling into a body of cold water. Beautiful water surface. Abstract background with animation waving of waterline. Animation of seamless loop. Super Slow Motion Shot of Abstract Bokeh Light Moving at 1000fps. Cold Beer Splashing Out inside a Glass with High Speed Shot on Phantom Camera
Super Slow Motion Shot of Water Splash at 1000fps Isolated on Black Background. Looped animation. Abstract colorful wavy background in bright rainbow colors. Modern colorful wallpaper. 3d rendering.
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