Collins Stock Video Footage

Moon, Sea of tranquility. July 20, 1969. Armstrong and Aldrin Astronauts Talk With Richard Nixon From the Surface of the Moon CIRCA 1969 - Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins get in their spacesuits in preparation for the launch of Apollo 11 at Cape Kennedy. CIRCA 1969 - Spectators watch the Apollo 11's triumphant launch. Aerial video beachfront resorts Miami Beach Florida 4k 24p Aerial night Miami Beach Collins avenue weekends Wonderful aerial 4k drone panorama flight over huge highway road in big city Miami East Coast ocean coastline seascape United States of America, July 24, 1969. The  celebrations for the success of the mission Apollo 11 CIRCA 1969 - Apollo 11's lunar module closes in on the moon. CIRCA 1969 - A camera on Apollo 11 films a satellite near it in lunar orbit. CIRCA 1969 - An on-board camera captures the view of the engine skirt and launch escape tower being separated from Apollo 11 in flight. Drone flying over a city night lights Miami Aerial Miami overhead drone shot Collins Avenue 4k Night drive Haulover Park Miami Collins Avenue 1080p CIRCA 1969 - NASA's mission control in Houston is introduced as men there track Apollo 11. CIRCA 1969 - Michael Collins dons his gear and boards Apollo 11. Glass of drink rotating. Drink with lemon and ice. Cool cocktail with lemon slice. Fresh tom collins with gin. CIRCA 1969 - Men at launch control watch Apollo 11's progress through binoculars. CIRCA 1944 - Nazi POWs are seen on Green Beach. American war correspondents meet General Collins at their first command post in Normandy. Liquid slowly pouring in glass. Cubes of ice in beverage. Imported gin for tom collins. Traditional recipe of tasty cocktail. SUNNY ISLES BEACH - DECEMBER 2: Stock video of the valet parking at the Mansions at Acqualina which is a luxury highrise condo located at 17749 Collins Ave December 2, 2015 in Sunny Isles Beach FL CIRCA 1969 - The Apollo 11 crew films each other on board, then the lunar surface as they fly over it.
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